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Top 10 personal lubricants in India

There are many popular brands of personal lubricants are widely available online in India market. You can decide over water-based lubricants as well as silicon-based lubes. Water-based lubricants are more favoured as it is smooth. It is easy to wash off and is great with condoms of various types including latex. The top selling brands such as Durex, KY jelly(Johnson & Johnson), KamaSutra long-lasting spray, Skore lubes and Moods lubes. Today, a lot of online shopping portals available in India for buying Lubricants. 

Top 10 Personal Lubricants in India

1. K-Y jelly personal lubricant (Johnson & Johnson)

KY Jelly from Johnson and Johnson - This is the most preferred lubricant all over the world. Maybe because it performs. Or maybe because it is cheap. Or it should be because it is cheap and best it performs. This is one of the best water-based lube that starts with, which adds a spicy and brings new sensation during foreplay and love-making.

2. Natural Lubes from Moods

Moods Natural lubes is the best water-based lube in India. It helps to enhance the lovemaking in the best natural way. It will not only be cost-effective but should be long-lasting, free of irritation, comfortable, easy to clean up and does not stain fabric.

Moods natural lubes

3. Moods Warm Lubes

Turn up the heat with Moods Warm lubes, which spark and ignite all those passionate moments of love. Feel the atmosphere with Moods Warm lube for those deep and passionate moments of love. Warming lubricants are often used as a massaging aid for rubbing into muscles to warm them. It can be water-based or honey-based. Water-based lubricants are applied for vaginal or anal intercourse or for masturbation or while playing with sex toys. It is mainly used for during the act of sexual intercourse to reduce the friction between couples and turn on the heat. The honey-based products are stickier and are usually applied for tummy play. It makes the lovemaking smooth and more pleasureful. Warm lube is the warm flavour which is neither cool nor natural. It is ideal for winter and colder times.

4. Moods cool Lubes

 Moods Cool Lubricant is a water-based lubricant. The lube is hypo-allergenic, water-soluble and does not stain. It is is a personal lubricant which is used in the act of sexual intercourse and masturbation to decrease the friction and ease of penetration. Water-based lubricants are water soluble and are widely used as personal lubricants. Lubrication alters your mood by making it easier to penetrate. It is made with natural ingredients. It makes the lovemaking smooth and more pleasureful. Features And Benefits: Satisfy your sexual desire Dermatologically tested for safety, hence safe on skin 100% secure Quality accreditations.

    Moods cool lubes

5. Durex Tingle Lubes

Durex play tingle tingling intimate lube is specially formulated for a maximum tingling effect! It contains a unique blend of ingredients that warm, cool and tingle whilst still being gentle on your intimate areas. It doesn't contain menthol and is fragrance-free. It's available in India. Using a lube can add spice to your sexual life, try different types with various flavours and sensations until you choose the best one that suits you best. Every once in a while, regardless of how attractive your feeling, your body may not generally create as much moisture as you require to add a little lube to make things somewhat more sensual. Lubes are also perfect for use with stimulators if you are looking to make things considerably more sensual and water-based lubes are friendly.



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