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Menstrual cup - She cup - Regular - Pre child birth + Up to 30 years -28 ml capacity - Knob type stem
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Menstrual cup - shecup double
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V Wash Wow Sanitary Napkin Ultrathin  - Regular 5's pack
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Kind of satisfied -
Don't get me wrong. Its a great product. Once you get the hang of it, the anxiety will reduce and you will feel more comfortable with it. Insertion and removal needs practice and patience and it will be basically painless. Only thing, my pelvic muscles are strong and it squeezes the cup. So the actual volume of cup is reduced to half or less than half of it and it leaks for me on days with heavy flow..needs to be emptied every 1.5 to 2 hours or so. All in all, its good. Much better than the sanitary pads/tampons/napkins.
Very fast delivery
Very fast delivery
Good -
Product as described
Had a really smooth experience, would definitely use again. And the listing of products is also very vast and varied.
Even though my reason for buying the Boondh cup was not because of the embarrassment that I may face while buying it from a retail store, but that it was not available in retail stores or even with most other online retailers. For that, I am quite thankful. But my order was not shipped till I made a call to the customer care number when even after 5 days the shipping status on my order said 'pending'. The customer care executive was polite and helpful and everything from there onwards till delivery was smooth. My only suggestion for you would be to minimize the amount of unnecessary packaging. My parcel came wrapped in 4 layers of plastic wrapping, bubble wrap and tape+a cardboard box and the original packaging of the little cloth bag. Trying to reduce the waste generated is an avenue that Shycart should probably look into.
good service
Nice -
Packed in a neat way.
Prompt delivery with quality assured products.!