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Skore Cool Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

Skore Cool Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

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Buy the skore Cool sensational lubes and cool the hot sensation with your partner.

Skore cool lubes tackle the problems of reduced lubrication. Reduced lubrication can be triggered due to several reasons. It may cause discomfort and irritation in the genitalia. Lack of lubrication vastly affects sexual arousals. To reduce genital dryness, an effective amount of lubrication is required. Cool lubes are efficient personal lubricants that solve the issue of reduced lubrication. Personal lubricants increase the flow of blood to the genitals. Cooling lubes give the immense cooling sensation that helps to bring about multiple orgasms. They are water soluble and easy to wash off. These lubes do not contain oil and added colouring. Also, Skore lubes are widely regarded as comfortable and safe for latex condoms.

Cooling sensation

Soothing sensations during sex can turn out to be incredible. Cool lubes give a tingling cool feeling to the genitals. Penetrations will become frictionless and smooth. These lubes compliment your skin with smooth and silky feel. Tuning in to this chilling and relaxing lube can boost up your sexual experiences. The ingredients in cool lubes sensitize the genital tissues thereby activating nerves that give pleasure.

Water-based Lube

Skore cool lubes are water soluble. The best part about water-based lubricants is that it leaves no stains. So you don’t have to worry about staining your fabrics. Also, they are easy to wash off. Just cleanse your private parts with some water. Use soaps and wipe the area dry. The lube can be washed off instantly without any inconvenience.

Free from oils and colourings

These personal lubricants have no added colouring. Additional colouring can sometimes cause irritation and discomfort. Therefore it is necessary to always check for the ingredients of lubes before buying. These lubes are free from oil. It is an added advantage as oil tends to reduce the functionality of condoms and sex toys alike. Water based lubricants are most compatible with condoms. They do not alter or react with the surface of toys and condoms. With no oil content, cool lubes are non-greasy in nature. You don’t have to go through the annoying experience of a greasy lubricant as you can opt for Skore cool lubes.


Skore lubes are skin friendly. They are usually non-allergic and cause no harm to the intimate area. Being user-friendly and comfortable, they are very easy to use. Personal lubricants are not just restricted to people who face the issues of vaginal dryness. Anyone can use this lube to enhance their sexual experiences.

Skore Cool Lube Features

• Cool sensations
• Skin-friendly
• Water soluble
• No added colour or oil

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