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Super Dotted Condoms

Super dotted condoms are designed with dots on the outer surface of the condom to increase sensation at the right places. Your sexual intercourse will be filled with fun and excitement when you opt for condoms with dots. Super dotted condoms have bigger size dots when compared to dotted condoms. The distinct texture of strategically placed dots increases the stimulation for you and your partner.

Buy Super Dotted Condoms online

shycart is the best online portal to buy best super dotted condoms online in India. Popular condom brands like Moods, Playgard, Durex, Skore, KamaSutra, Fire and more offer super dotted condoms in India.

Please find below our extensive range of super dotted condoms from best condom brands.

  • Moods Silver 1500 dots
  • Playgard Super Dotted
  • Playgard more time super dotted strawberry flavored
  • Durex Extra Dotted
  • Playgard Paan Flavoured
  • Playgard Super Dotted - Chocolate Flavoured
  • Playgard Strawberry Flavoured and Super Dotted
  • KamaSutra DOTT MAX 2064 Dots
  • Playgard Multi Textured - Ice Mint Flavoured
  • Playgard Mix Fruit Flavoured - Super Dotted
  • Playgard Chocolate Flavored - Super Dotted
  • Playgard Orange Flavoured - Super Dotted
  • Playgard Strawberry Flavoured – Dotted
  • Playgard Super Dotted Butterscotch
  • Playgard Super Dotted and Flavoured
  • Playgard Dotted and Jasmine Flavoured
  • Playgard Super Dotted - Chocolate Flavoured
  • Fire Xtra Time & Super Dotted
  • Playgard Super Dotted
  • Playgard dotted and fruity combo
  • Fire Xotica 6 in 1
  • Playgard Black Grapes Flavored – Dotted
  • More dots for more pleasure

    The special unique dots on the super dotted and extra dotted condoms enhance female pleasure and provide more excitement to both the partners. The added sensations created by the bigger size dots gives you extra ordinary love making nights. Dotted condoms are thoughtfully created to give you more intimate nights by increasing your sexual desires.

    Which dotted condom to choose?

    Dotted condoms come in a few variations like dotted, extra dotted and super dotted condoms. Not everyone is happy and satisfied with the same condom variety. Choose a condom depending on your sexual needs. When you enjoy the enhanced pleasures of dotted condoms and would like to experiment more sensations go for extra dotted or super dotted. If you find the friction caused by the extra dots is too much, you can opt for a regular dotted condom or other types of textured condoms.

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