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History of Condoms

Condom's history dates back to, in fact, several centuries and maybe beyond. The first condoms were invented in the 17th century. The first condoms were hand-sewn linen sleeve. During the early stages of the 19th century, condoms have been used both as a method of birth control and to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms have been made from various materials, chemically treated linen and animal tissue (intestine or bladder) are the best-documented varieties. Rubber condoms appeared shortly after Charles Goodyear and Thomas Hancock discovered the vulcanization of rubber in the mid-nineteenth century. Natural latex condoms (ie) Rubber condoms began to gain popularity in the mid-19th century, and in the early 20th-century major advances were made in manufacturing techniques. Before the combined oral contraceptive pill was introduced, condoms were the most popular birth "control" method in the Western world. During the second half of the 20th century, the low cost of condoms contributed to their significance in family planning programs throughout the developing world. The oldest condoms ever excavated were located in a cesspit in the grounds of Dudley Castle and were made from the animal membrane, the condoms dated back to as early as 1642. As the medical historian Vern Bullough writes, the condom’s early history is “lost in the myths of antiquity.” Going back to 1883, a German-Jewish immigrant named Julius Schmid founded his condom company after buying a sausage-casing business. Schmid named his condoms Ramses and Sheik. During the early 1900s, Schmid was making condoms out of rubber, and his company soon became one of the highest-selling condom manufacturers in America. Schmid faced no real competition until 1916 until Merle Young started Young’s Rubber Company and created one of the most successful condom brands in history: Trojan. Journeying through the mid-1930s, the fifteen major condom manufacturers were producing one and a half million a day at an average price of a dollar per dozen,”.The 1940s also witnessed the introduction of condoms made from plastic and polyurethane (both of which were short-lived) and the first multicolored condom, created in Japan. Condom sales witnessed a massive growth until the 1960s and 70s, when “the condom went into a dramatic decline”. The competition which came out in 1960 was from the pill and from copper and hormonal IUDs, which also debuted around this time, are into its market share. The first national broadcast ad that was for Trojan condoms, didn’t air until 1991. So it should come as no surprise that, in 2017, condom ads till today are still fighting against stigmatization.

What is a Condom?

A condom is a cylindrical thin sheath that is worn over the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI/STD). Condoms online are available for both men and women and one can now easily buy condoms at the best price. The euphemism for Condoms around the globe is myriad, few examples are Prophylactics, Rubbers, Jimmy hat, Love glove, safe sex, Johnny bag, etc. A condom is the most popular and best way to have safer sex. Contraception methods such as condoms are the most effective form of contraception additionally it will protect one against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Female condoms in India are polyurethane sheath with a flexible ring at either end. A male condom is a thin sheath (usually a type of rubber and made of latex) that is worn on the penis. A condom is a thin rubber sheath worn by men during sexual intercourse to avoid/prevent pregnancy and any form of sexually transmitted diseases. It is one of the best and effective contraceptive and it has the efficacy rate of 95%. It prevents the semen from getting transmitted/deposited into the female's genital and thus preventing the conception or pregnancy. One can find a wide range of condoms online for instance premium condoms, ribbed condoms, flavoured condoms, dotted condoms, super-fit condoms, ultra-thin condoms, and latex and non-latex condoms to mention a few.

What is the use of a condom?

Condoms are mainly used

  • for birth control
  • to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • to protect from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Condoms - General Features

Nominal Width: 53mm

Nominal Height: 180mm

Straight walled shape

100% electronically tested

Transparent, lubricated and teat ended

Condoms online in India

Condoms are available in India in almost every medical or physical stores. Be that as it may, there is always social stigma when you buy condoms at the physical outlet because of which most of us are hesitant to buy condoms at physical stores. But now that condoms are available online in India, one can easily buy condoms online without any hesitation at his/her privacy. When you buy condoms online at, your privacy will never be compromised. Buying condoms online at shycart will ensure you 100% privacy right from placing the order till the delivery. And most importantly, we deliver condoms in a discreet manner ensuring that even the delivery person doesn't know what's inside the package. So, now you buy condoms online and get it delivered at your doorstep without any social stigma or weird looks. The perks of buying condoms online are that you can find a huge collection of condoms which is not easily available in outlet shops. And you can choose between different brands, types, sizes and colours of condoms online. We have an extensive range of multiple condom brands like Okamoto, Invigra, Durex, Moods, Carex, Manforce, Skore, Kamasutra and Kohinoor. Condoms available online are elastic, durable and tested electronically and dermatologically ensuring complete protection against STDs and pregnancy. Shycart is an online condom store that offers all types of condoms imported with a wide range of flavours to different condom sizes, we have all that you might need at all times.

Highlights of Condoms in India

  • Nominal Width: 53mm
  • Nominal Height: 180mm
  • Straight walled shape, Dotted, ribbed or Multi-textured
  • 100% electronically tested
  • Transparent, lubricated and teat ended

Frequently asked questions about Condoms

How effective is a condom?

When used consistently and appropriately, condoms have proven to be highly effective in preventing HIV/STDs and pregnancy. Even though condoms are highly effective, there is still a chance of failure. So, when you use a condom, you should be able to avoid pregnancy/STDs for about 98 times out of 100. The most appropriate way to make condoms more effective is by using it the right way, every time you have intercourse. Also, use it in addition to other birth control methods. This will give you protection against STDs and increased protection against pregnancy.

How does condom work?

Condoms function by preventing semen of men from moving into the vagina. The male condom is worn over a male's penis right after he gets his erection but before any intimate contact with the vagina. This condom is rolled down to the shaft of the male genital while keeping the end of the condom to leave a little extra room at the end. After the man ejaculates, he should hold on to the condom at the base of the penis when he pulls it from the vagina. He should do this when the penis continues to be erect in order to avoid the condom from slipping off when he is flaccid. Should this happen, sperm could get into the vagina of a woman. Thus, one should take a little extra caution before using condoms.

Do condoms prevent pregnancy?

The good news is a big yes. Among the many contraceptive methods available like oral pills, etc., Condoms stand out with the highest success rate of 95%. While other methods have health risks and side effects, condoms do not have any side effect/ health risks. They prevent the semen from getting in contact with the female genitalia. The best way to make condoms work as well as possible is to use them correctly every single time you have vaginal, oral, and anal sex without any room for errors. That means wearing it the entire time, from start to finish. It is mandatory to ensure that the condom is rolled on your penis the right way before there’s any skin-to-skin genital contact. Using condoms + another form of birth control (like the pill, IUD, or shot) is a recommended way to get extra pregnancy prevention AND protection against STDs. Using withdrawal (“pulling out”) while you wear a condom can help keep sperm out of the vagina and lower the risk for pregnancy. You must never use a male condom with a female condom. Condoms in India are designed to be used on their own, and doubling up will certainly not give you any extra protection.

Are small condoms available in India?

Yes, small condoms are available in India. Indian condoms are available in specific sizes only. Usage of a super fit/ snug fit condom is suggested since they will fit all sizes and is one of the best small sized condoms with excellent quality and best prices.

Is it safe to buy condoms online in India?

It is 100% safe to buy condoms online in India , very low cost with the best quality condoms are available India. Please check the procedures followed by the shopping portals in ensuring the privacy of the customers.

Risks/ Side effects of using condoms

Most people can use condoms with absolutely no hassles — there are no side effects. It is better to consult a physician if there are any inflammations, itches or rashes. Rarely, latex (rubber) condoms might cause irritation for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. And sometimes the lube on certain types of condoms may seem to be irritating. If you're allergic to latex, try to switch brands or better to use plastic condoms.

Tips while using condoms

  • Use a new condom for every act of intercourse.
  • If the penis is uncircumcised, pull the foreskin back before wearing the condom.
  • Put the condom on only after the penis is erect (hard) and before any contact is made between the penis and any other part of the partner's body.
  • Put the condom on perfectly. On opening the package, do not unroll the condom immediately. Instead, place the condom at the tip of the penis and slowly unroll it all the way till the base. Squeeze out any remaining air out of the tip. Also, ensure that the condom is not worn inside-out. If this happens, remove it, dispose it, and start again with a fresh new condom.
  • If the condom does not have a reservoir tip, pinch the tip just enough to leave a half-inch space for semen to be collected.
  • While pinching the half-inch tip, place the condom against the penis and unroll it all the way till the base. Put more spermicide or lubricant on the outside for more comfort.
  • If you feel that a condom might break while you are having sex, stop immediately and pull out. Do not continue until you have put on a new condom.
  • After ejaculation and before the penis gets soft, grip the rim of the condom and cautiously withdraw from your partner.
  • To remove the condom from the penis, pull it off gently, keeping in mind that the semen doesn't spill out.
  • Do NOT wear two condoms
  • Do NOT wear male and female condom together
  • Do NOT throw them without any proper disposal methods.
  • Do NOT wash and reuse

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