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Buy Long Lasting Condoms Online - Top 12 Delay Condom Brands

Complete range of best quality premature ejaculation condoms, made out of natural rubber latex & it contains 4.5% special lube to delay climax. 100% electronically tested. Buy from 12 branded long lasting condoms, Check out long time condom reviews & ratings, benefits and prices.
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Long Lasting Condoms in India

Long lasting condoms are specially designed to enhance your intimate moments with extended pleasures and helps to stay longer in bed.They are also called delay condoms and is a perfect choice if you want to have long-lasting sex. Extend your love making nights and enjoy the enhanced pleasure with your partner.

How do climax delay condoms work

Climax delay condoms are specially designed for men who experience premature ejaculation. A special climax delay lubricant benzocaine (5%) used in the inner side of the condoms helps to delay the ejaculation and prolong excitement for long lasting sex. All the condoms are electronically and dermatologically tested against safety and quality issues.

Buy long lasting condoms online on shycart

Shycart is the best online portal to order long lasting condoms online with 100% privacy and discreet packaging. Check out condom price, usage instructions and reviews. Use condoms rightly as per the instructions to ensure safety and protection against unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Here are some of the the best extra time condoms based on product performance and customer reviews.

  • Durex extra time condom
  • KamaSutra long lasting condom
  • Skore not out extra time condom
  • Kohinoor Xtra time condom
  • Playgard more time condom
  • Moods all night
  • Invigra hi performance condom
  • Carex delay condom
  • NottyBoy OverTime condom
  • Fire delay condom
  • Manforce stay long orange condoms

Types of time delay condoms

Delay condoms come in 6 different condom varieties for added pleasures.

  • Dotted + Extra time condoms
  • Flavoured + Extra time condoms
  • Super dotted + Time delay condoms
  • Long Lasting + Extra lubricated condoms
  • Zig Zag texture + Extra time condoms
  • Multi texture + Long Lasting condoms

Benefits of extra time condoms

Extra time condoms are the perfect choice when you want to have long lasting sex that is both fun and safe. Both the couple enjoys their benefits of using extra time condoms. The male partner can delay his ejaculation and stay longer in bed while the female partner can experience longer-lasting sexual pleasures.

Frequently asked questions about Long Lasting Condoms

How does delay condom work?

Time delay condoms are laced with a climax delay lubricant that slightly numbs the male genitalia to reduce excess sensitivity. This reduced sensitivity results in delayed ejaculation without affecting sexual arousals or erections. The active ingredient in climax delay condoms is benzocaine, a mild anesthetic, which temporarily desensitizes the genitalia and helps in overcoming early ejaculation.

What is delay lubricant?

Climax delay lubricant is a special type of lubricant formulated for delaying ejaculations. It has an active ingredient that reduces excess sensitivity in the male genitalia thereby helping the user to prevent early ejaculation. This climax delay lubricant is a great way of reducing excess sensitivity in the genitalia without affecting the erection or arousals.

Can I re-use this condom?

No, this is for single use only.

What is Benzocaine?

Benzocaine is a topical analgesic (numbing medication). It works by blocking nerve signals from a specific part of the body. Benzocaine can be used to relieve the pain during intercourse and discomfort caused by vaginal itching and skin irritations. It can also help premature ejaculation. Apply small amount to the penis gland 10-15 min before sexual intercourse. Benzocaine can be applied with or without a condom.

Is extra time condom safe to use?

Yes, extra time condom is absolutely safe to use, unless you are allergic to benzocaine, the chemical used in condoms to make you last go extra time. Generally, these extra time condoms will have 4.5 - 5% of benzocaine lubricants present in them.

Are benzocaine lubes safe to use with condoms?

Yes. this lubricants are totally safe to use with condoms.

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