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Manforce Staylong Gel Pack of 2 - 8g Each - 6 to 8 Minutes delay

Manforce Staylong Gel Pack of 2 - 8g Each - 6 to 8 Minutes delay

Price: 200
Will be delivered between 24 May, 2019 - 26 May, 2019
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The time of delay spray that is mentioned in the product title is an average estimation. The delay time of the ejaculation may vary depending upon the individual body conditions.

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Explore the new realms of lovemaking. Manforce Staylong Gel - Take your lovemaking sessions to a whole new level with this climax delay stay long gel.


Are you ready to extend your pleasurable nights? Well, then it’s time to use the Manforce Staylong gel (8 g) to have an increased duration of sensual play in bed! The Manforce gel deals with the daunting issue of premature ejaculation which has been a common problem among men. Loaded with Vitamin E, the manforce stay long gel are capable of actuating a local numbness to last longer without affecting your sexual arousals.

Manforce stay long has been regarded to be the best gel for long lasting in bed in India. With its immense popularity in the Indian market, this climax delay gel is your best bet for longer sensual pleasures!

Stay long gel contains - Lidocaine and Prilocaine

Staylong gel has special ingredients namely Lidocaine and Prilocaine. Stay long gel can be effectively applied over the intimate region for enhancing intimacy during intercourse. The active ingredient Lidocaine in the staylong gel helps men to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation.

Lidocaine and Prilocaine gel are better known for their mild anaesthetic property that allows it to slightly numb the male genitalia.

Premature ejaculation is one of the leading concerns, among men, associated with sexual intercourse. In most of the cases, people are reluctant to talk about it as they believe that it is not curable at all. However, proper usage of this staylong gel can help you overcome the issues of early ejaculation and thereby boost your confidence during sexual encounters with your loved one.

Smooth lubrication factor

Manforce Staylong gel also has a smooth lubrication factor which takes away the friction between the partners and letting them enjoy their lovemaking even more. Excess friction between the genitals could lead to a painful sexual encounter. Manforce stay long gel makes your game of love much smoother and easier.

Lack of lubrication can actuate issues such as genital dryness that can adversely affect you as well as your partner. This lowering amount in lubrication persists due to the body’s inefficiency to produce adequate lubrication on its own. Using a lubricating gel is, therefore, your best bet to compensate for this insufficiency of lubrication.

Manforce stay long gel review

Manforce stay long gel review has been good so far! The customers are full of praises for Manforce stay long gel after buying it. Some of the reviews and feedback which customers have left for this Manforce Staylong Gel are “Fantastic”, “Good product”, “Excellent”, etc. You can read more such comments and testimonials about Manforce Staylong gel on the product page on Shycart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are sex lubricants?

Sex lubricants are basically of two types:

1) Delay lubricants

These are long lasting lubricants that help you to last longer in bed just like staylong gel. They have active ingredients that delay ejaculation by a significant amount of time which is adequate to have a satisfying sexual experience.

2) Personal lubricants

These are normal lubricants that are an effective way of overcoming vaginal dryness. They are water, oil and silicone based and enhances the sensual pleasures by providing a sufficient amount of lubrication.

How to use Manforce Staylong gel?

Manforce last long gel is very simple and easy to use. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Take small portions of the stay long gel in your hand at a time.
2. Apply it over the desired area gently.
3. Repeat the process until desired results or till the entire area is covered.

Who can use Staylong gel?

Anyone who is facing the problem of premature ejaculation can use this staylong gel to help them overcome their problem and stay longer in bed. However, it is also suitable for couples who wish to stay even longer than their normal duration.

How safe is it to use stay long gel?

This staylong gel is totally safe to use for men. This long lasting gel has absolutely no side effects for both men and women when they use this product. Manforce staylong gel has compatibility and can be used in required quantity to boost up your sex life. Staylong gels, when used properly, can effectively help you to overcome early ejaculation which can eventually lead to mutual satisfaction with your partner.

What is the Manforce Staylong gel price?

Worried about the price putting a dent in your pocket? Well, you’re in for a surprise as the manforce stay long gel is available for a very affordable price. The Manforce Staylong price online in India is Rs 200 for a pack of 2. Every single pack of Manforce Staylong gel contains approximately 10 grams.

This is quite affordable for frequent usage and enhancement of your sensual pleasures. The Manforce Staylong gel price in India is budget-friendly when compared to other delay sprays.

Where can I purchase Stay long gel?

Staylong lubricant gel or any lubricant for that matter can be easily purchased from any medical or pharmacy shops. However, in India, there is still a social stigma revolving purchase of these products. People tend to judge us really quick while buying these products. However, you can buy this Manforce Staylong gel with 100% privacy and concealed packaging from our online store.

When you by Manforce gel online, you are assured of privacy protection along with the best price in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Order Manforce Staylong gel online today!

Manforce stay long gel- Infographic

Check out the infographic about Manforce staylong gel which details the price and the reviews for the product.

Manforce staylong gel

Manforce stay long gel- Video

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Questions about this product

Does it help to achive erection and can be used by a men who is having erectile dysfunction?
Asked on 02-Feb-2019
It does not help in achieving erection. It helps the erection to last longer by delaying the ejaculation. Check out for erection enhancement.
Answered on 03-Feb-2019

Manforce Staylong Gel Pack of 2 - 8g Each - 6 to 8 Minutes delay - Reviews

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Good , safe & secured -
Good, can be better
Over all good.
Good and speed service
Really appreciate . Thanks a ton
Was a great first experience would surely love to shop again with you
Amazing product I was using climax delay spray before this but after using this I intact found a very good results than the spray I can easily stay for more than 20min ????and it was awesome!!! And delivery part very very confidential loved it and would definitely recommend both the spray or the gel for your wild adventure!!!
Overall its really nice expeience
Good Service

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