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How do I use pre-seed lubricant?

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Preseed fertility lubricant in India comes with a set of instructions to be followed while using pressed to get pregnant. When you use preseed lubricant rightly, the product works effectively to increase your pregnancy success rate. You may choose to apply preseed an hour before the intercourse. Many women choose to apply pre seed 15 mins prior to having intercourse.  

Follow the instructions below to use preseed lubricant internally

1. Preseed lubricant comes with an applicator. Attach it to the product tube and twist.

2. Squeeze the tube to fill the applicator with the desired amount of lube.

3. Keep the applicator upright and unscrew from the tube.

4. Insert the applicator internally into vagina about half of its length.

5. Without any rush, slowly push the plunger to release the lubricant.

6. Discard the applicator after use as it is intended for single use only. 

How much preseed to fill in the applicator

 1. You can only know the right amount of preseed you need, after a few trials and errors. Read the instructions and find what works best for you.

2. The main purpose of using preseed is to provide the right amount of lubrication that is supportive to overall sperm quality.

3. Many women reported that between the 2-3g fill line is best.

Buy fertility lubricants and increase your chances of pregnancy. Use it as per the instructions provided to see effective results.

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Modified on 31 Aug, 2022

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