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Buy Male fertility test kit online in India - Best home sperm test kit - Sperm count and Sperm motility test kits.

Buy sperm motility test kit online in India. Do it yourself - DIY fertility test at home. Home Male fertility test accuracy is 99.9%. Order online sperm count test kit in India.
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What is Sperm Count test kit?

Sperm count test kit is used to measure the average number of sperm cells in the semen. Sperm Count Test is very simple and it can be done with comfort and complete privacy at home. The result interpretation of the male fertility test is very simple as it will show either a positive or negative result. If the Sperm count in the semen is above 20 million sperms per millilitre is regarded as normal and positive according to the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. If the Sperm count in the semen is below 20 million sperms per millilitre it remarks a negative result and requires medical attention. Sperm check test kit online is a test that is focused on a specific protein in semen - not just the number of sperm cells in the semen. These sperm test kits are known for their accuracy.

What is Sperm Motility test kit?

Sperm Motility Test kit is used to detect the motile sperms in the semen and FDA approved advanced sperm motility test kit that can be checked at home. This sperm motility test comes in handy because it is done with the help of the smartphones and an Android application. The android application which will show live video of motile sperm available in the user's semen and also, the Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC) - average count of the motile(moving) sperm cells per ml of the sperm sample. The Sperm Motility test kit is accurate, user-friendly and available at a very reasonable price to test the sperm count at home.

Why should one use the Sperm Test kit?

Using sperm test kits is the fastest and hassle-free way to get an idea of how fertile you are. It determines the sperm concentration in your semen within minutes and the best part is that you can do this at home. Numerous surveys indicate that men contribute to one-third of infertility problem either because of low sperm count or non-motile sperms. The main reason for male infertility is

• Low sperm count.
• Low sperm motility.
• Lack of semen.
• Bad quality of sperm.

The lower sperm cells in the semen, the lower the chances for them to positively fertilize the egg. These sperm count test kits are available online in India and the tests can be done at home without compromising on privacy.

Frequently asked questions about Sperm Test Kit

Does Sperm test kits work?

Yes, of course, it does. Sperm test kits are known for their accuracy. It shows accurate results upto 99.9%. Even some of the laboratories use these male fertility test kits for diagnosing the male infertility problems.

Where to buy Male fertility test kit?

Only a very few retail or physical stores sell the sperm check test kit. But one can easily purchase sperm test kit online in India at best price in our site with 100% assured privacy.

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