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Ribbed condoms for enhanced pleasure

Ribbed condoms are designed with strategically placed little raised ribs on the outer surface of the condom. They create extra stimulation to enjoy more intense pleasure. Textured condoms like ribbed condoms provide extra sensations to the couple and both the partners experience a different level of pleasure and excitement during sexual encounters.

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Do ribbed condoms make a difference?

Ribbed condoms and other textured condoms are created for people who are bored with regular pain condoms. With the extra bumps and ridges placed around the condoms, they increase pleasure during sex and provide a whole new sexual experience to the partners. Many couples find the extra friction and intensifying feelings more enjoyable.

Why use textured condoms

Textured condoms are specially designed to make your sexual encounters more pleasurable with increased intimacy. Depending on your pleasure related needs, choose one of the textured condoms like dotted, ribbed, or dotted and ribbed. Choosing a condom is entirely a couple's personal choice. Textured condoms are tested for safety and quality issues and are effective when used correctly as per the instructions.

Ribbed condoms are safe and effective

Ribbed condoms are just as safe as the regular ones. The texture of the condom doesn't affect its quality since they undergo rigorous testing at all stages during the manufacturing process. Ribbed condoms are tested against any breakage or damage and are released into the market only after the quality standards are checked. Any type of condoms when used properly as per the instructions, provide safety and protection against STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

Frequently asked questions about Ribbed Condoms

How to use a ribbed condom?

One is advised to read the instructions on the condom pack/leaflet and ensure to wear the condom right. Not only the pleasure of lovemaking but also safety and protection needs is to be kept in mind.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to use a condom:

  • Either the man or his beloved may put the condom on the erect penis. One should keep in mind to put the condom on before indulging in sexual activity.
  • One should check that the roll is on the outside. If the roll is on the inside it shows that condom is inside out. Though it happens rarely an inside-out condom should not be used.
  • One must remove the end of the condom properly before putting it on to release any air trapped inside.
  • While removing the end with one hand, one should put the condom on top of the penis and roll it with the other.
  • Once ejaculation has been reached, and while the penis is still erect, one should hold the condom firmly and take it off cautiously. In order that there is no spillover. If condom comes off during sexual intercourse, do not use the same condom again. One should always use a fresh condom in such a situation.
  • Do ribbed condoms provide more pleasure to the male partner or female partner?

    Ribbed condoms have raised ribs like the design to provide maximum stimulation for both you and your partner. Though these condoms mainly provide extra pleasure and satisfaction to the female partner, the male partner can also feel the extra friction and confidence using ribbed condoms.

    What are the side effects of ribbed condoms?

    Textured condoms like ribbed and dotted are although created for providing enhanced pleasure and stimulation, for some people the textured design might not be comfortable which might lead to irritation. When you find the friction from these condoms is too much, you can choose a regular plain condom depending on your comfort levels.

    What is the difference between dotted and ribbed condoms?

    Dotted condoms have raised dots like pattern on the outer surface, whereas ribbed condom has raised ribs on the outer surface. Both of these condoms are designed to give more pleasure and extra stimulation during intercourse and provides intense excitement for the couple.

    Are ribbed condoms safe?

    Condoms undergo rigorous testing before releasing into the market to meet the required quality standards. Ribbed condoms are also tested against any breakage and other defects. Any condoms when used properly as per the instructions, provide safety and protection against STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

    Which are more pleasurable ribbed or dotted condoms?

    Both ribbed and dotted condoms are designed to provide extra pleasure and excitement for the couple. Both of them have their own advantages. Not every couple is the same. Choosing the type of condom entirely depends on couple's personal choice. Some people enjoy the enhanced pleasure of dotted condoms whereas some people enjoy the extra friction of ribbed condoms.

    Is it safe to buy Ribbed condoms online?

    With our 100% genuine product guarantee, safe, discreet and prompt delivery, Shycart undoubtedly promises and delivers a 100% safe and secure shopping experience.

    What is the Ribbed Condom's price online?

    Best quality of the Ribbed condoms online in India that come with the best prices range from Rs.100 for 12 pieces of the pack that is available in online condom shopping portal shycart. Durex ribbed condoms cost is Rs.150, Moods ribbed condoms cost from Rs.100 - Rs.400, Kama Sutra ribbed condoms start from Rs.200.

    Do the Ribbed texture condoms suit best for women?

    The answer is yes! Ribbed condom best suit women due to the increased sensitivity in their private parts because of the presence of raised moulded ridges. Most women say that they couldn't feel anything from a standard condom, but when using a ribbed one, the extra texture had lead to greater friction and enjoyment.

    What are Ribbed condoms?

    Ribbed condoms are textured condoms designed with uniquely positioned ribs on the outer surface for extra stimulation.

    What is the purpose of ribbed condoms?

    Textured condoms like ribbed condoms are specially designed to provide extra stimulation to your partner and increased friction for the couple. The purpose of ribbed condoms is to provide enhanced sexual pleasure with a high level of safety and protection.

    How do ribbed condoms feel like?

    Ribbed condoms have raised ridges along the outer surface of a condom that helps to create an added sensation. The ribs on the outer surface are strategically placed to provide great friction and enjoyment during intercourse. These types of textured condoms can give pleasure to both partners.

    Do ribbed condoms actually feel any better?

    Ribbed condoms are specially designed for extra enjoyment and stimulation. These condoms are pre lubricated for comfort and sensitivity. Those who don’t want to go for the plain, regular condoms, can opt for textured condoms. Not everyone likes the same. Finding the one that works best for you will be the most comfortable one.

    What’s the difference between ribbed condoms and regular condoms?

    Unlike the plain regular condoms, ribbed condoms have extra ribs that run through the outer circumference of the condom, intended to increase sexual pleasure. Choosing a condom whether plain or textured, entirely depends on the couple’s personal choice and comforts.

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