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Kamasutra 50ml Strawberry Lubes

Kamasutra 50ml Strawberry Lubes

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Kamasutra 50ml Strawberry Lubes

What is Kamasutra Strawberry lubes?

Kamasutra strawberry lubes or Kamasutra Strawberry lubricants are flavoured range of water based lubricants from the house of Kamasutra condoms, more popularly known as KS condoms. Kamasutra lubricants come in 2 unique flavours; Strawberry and Aloe. Kamasutra strawberry lubricant has a fruity strawberry flavour to it. The composition of this Kamasutra strawberry lube is very light. This creates a very soft feeling, which is enjoyed by the partners a lot.

Kamasutra strawberry lubes are primarily used to overcome the dryness between the partners. Kamasutra strawberry lubricants allow the partners to explore more into their sensual pleasure and heighten their pleasure levels. Kamasutra lubes create a smoother experience, so it reduces the friction between the partners, which allows them to feel more intimate and comfortable.

What are some of Kamasutra Strawberry Lubes uses :

One of the most common uses of Kamasutra strawberry lubes is that it is used to treat vaginal dryness in women. Kamasutra strawberry lubricants are made up of a light composition, which can be extremely useful to feel the extra softness between the partners during passion making. Also, this lube comes in a unique strawberry flavour which adds to the mood and increases the levels of pleasure.

What are sex lubricants?

Sex lubricants are generally water, oil or silicone based. These lubricants are most commonly used to enhance the levels of excitement during lovemaking. However there are 2 major types of sex lubricants. One of them is long last lubricant or also called as delay spray. This lubricant is used to tackle premature ejaculation in men. The other type of lubricant is a normal type. This lubricant is used to solve the problem of dryness, which is experienced by the partners.

What are the side effects of using Kamasutra Strawberry lubes?

Kamasutra strawberry lubes is nothing but water based lubricant. So it is absolutely safe to use this lubricant. There are no side effects of using this Kamasutra strawberry lubes.

Instructions to use Kamasutra Strawberry lubes :

Using Kamasutra strawberry lubricant is really easy and simple. Just follow the below instructions:

· Take a small amount of the lubricant in your hand

· Apply it gently over the desired area of the body.

· Repeat this process until desired results or till the entire area is covered.

About Kamasutra

Kamasutra condoms or more popularly known as KS condoms, is manufactured and marketed by its parent company, JKAL (JK Ansell Ltd). JKAL is a 50:50 partnership between 2 companies, Raymond Ltd and Ansell Ltd. Kamsutra condoms was launched in the year 1991. Today, Kamasutra condoms is one of the leading condom brands in India. Kamasutra condoms are also exported to over 40 different countries globally.

Kamasutra condoms manufactures a wide range of products like condoms, lubricants and deodorants. There are various kinds of condoms available like dotted, ribbed, multi textured, flavoured, super thin, extra time and coloured condoms. There are 2 flavours in lubricants; strawberry and Aloe.

What is the Cost of Kamasutra strawberry lubricant?

The cost of Kamasutra strawberry lube online in India is Rs 250 for a can of 50 ml.

Where to purchase Kamasutra strawberry lubes ?

Kamasutra strawberry flavoured lubes can be purchased from any medical or pharmacy shops. However, if you are feeling embarrassed or shy in buying these products, feel free to shop online at shycart with 100% privacy and discreet and concealed packaging. You can also drop by at shycart’s physical store located in Adyar, Chennai to buy this lubricant.


Questions about this product

Is it edible
Asked on 10-Feb-2019
Yes, it is edible.
Answered on 12-Feb-2019
Is it water based lube
Asked on 27-Nov-2018
Yes. It is water based lubricant
Answered on 28-Nov-2018

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