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Are delay spray effective

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Delay spray is a desensitizing product that helps to delay ejaculation and supports prolong sexual activity. Delay sprays for men are specially designed to treat premature ejaculation which is experienced by most men. This numbing spray for premature ejaculation is safe to use and easily available in physical stores and online portals. 

Climax Delay Spray - Is it effective?

Delay spray or premature ejaculation spray works effectively when the product is used correctly as per the instructions provided. Knowing in detail about How to use delay sprays will help you to use the product in a safe and effective way. The effectiveness of delay spray depends on few factors 

1. Using the product rightly as per the instructions.

2. Using the right amount of product.

3. Personal sensitivity, which varies with each person.

4. Using the product that works best for you.         

Delay sprays online are available in different brands. Experiment with different products and pick the right one that suits you. Buy delay spray online on shycart and have it delivered discreetly to your doorstep.


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Modified on 18 Feb, 2021

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