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Buy best quality reusable menstrual cup, made of health-grade silicone for pain-free and hassle-free periods. Check out how to use menstrual cup, their advantages, reviews, compare reusable menstrual cup brands and prices.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cup is a non-allergic and non-toxic sanitary product for women to collect the menstrual fluid that gets out during period days. They are the best alternative to women for sanitary pads and tampons. It is a hollow cup with a optional stem at the closed end to pull them out after use.

What is the use of period cup?

They are used to collect the menstrual blood and serve as a great eco-friendly sanitary product for women.

Dimensions of feminine cup

Circumference 4.0cm
Height 7.0cm
Stem Length :25mm
Volume: 25ml

Menstrual cup price / Cost of Menstrual cup

The cost across brands start from Rs.200. But, kindly be wary of the low cost cups, which are not made of health-grade silicone. The vaginal menstrual cup price ranges from Rs.435 to Rs.3600 depending on the brand.


Every woman who uses it will never go back to using any other alternative. The reviews are generally raving and they offer a pain-free, hassle-free period experience to women

How does silicone menstrual cup work

Unlike sanitary pads / tampons, the fluid gets collected in the cup and gets eventually had to be dried out. They are held in a position to collect the menstrual fluid from women.


Feminine hygiene cup is available in a variety of sizes for all girls and women. Sizing is determined by overall build, childbearing history, and pelvic floor tone. Choose your size and colour.

Size chart predominantly comprises two sizes which are small and large.

Advantages of Menstrual Cup - Infographic:

Infographic explaining the advantages of menstrual cups

Frequently asked questions about Menstrual Cup

How long can you wear a silicone menstrual cup / How often to change ?

Depending on the flow and the day of flow, the period cup can be worn upto 12 hours. The menstrual cup can be drained every 4 hours on a safer note.

How much blood does it hold?

The amount of blood, a cup can hold varies from one brand to another. It ranges from 24ml to 30ml.

Can you feel a menstrual cup ?

You can certainly feel it. But, as you keep it for long hours, due to the material it is made of, the femine silicone cup can be felt like in-built.

Do menstrual cups work for heavy flow?

They work beautifully for heavy flow. Even for heavy flow, the cup can be used to collect the menstrual fluid for long hours. The cup has to be checked for every 4 hours during heavy flow.

How far up does a menstrual cup go

The cup can comfortably cover up the vagina. Ensure not even the stem sticks out and it can cover up the top of the cervix.

Can I wear during non-period days

Initially, for practice,you could try wearing using non-period days to check the comfort and usage. But, cups will place some stress on the vaginal walls. So, it is not advised to wear during non-period days

Do feminine cups for periods alter the pH value of vagina?

They do not alter the ph Value since they collect the menstrual fluid.

Can you sleep with the menstrual period cup?

You can certainly sleep with your feminine vaginal cup. Since the cup spreads and holds up to the cervix, there is no way the menstrual blood will spill.

Can an 11 year old use a menstrual cup?

Sure, menstrual cups can be used across all ages. Choose the size of the cup accordingly and it should be good to go.

Do they affect virginity / Does it tear the hymen ?

To clearly understand and put it our clear, hymen has nothing to do with virginity. Hymen is a thin tissue covering the vagina. It gets torn with little stressful physical activity at a very early stage. So, using a menstrual cup will actually tear the hymen, if it is present. But, in no way, it affects virginity.

Can I pee while using the cup?

You can pee while using the cup. It can be squeezed a little higher for the urine to get out of the urethra.

Do they cause UTI’s?

Menstrual cups will never cause UTIs and they are no way related to the urinary tract infections.

When was the menstrual cup invented & who invented it?

Menstrual cup was invented in 1937 by American actress Leona Chalmers.

How long can they be used?

Can be used up to 10 years.

Usage instructions

Always clean your menstrual cup before first use. Wash your hands with gentle soap & water. Rinse your hands thoroughly, and then rinse your cup under water as it’s easier to tuck in when wet.

Do you get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) by using menstrual cups?

Toxic shock syndrome is very prevalent with tampons and sanitary pads that absorbs the blood and the gets the blood soaked in them. Blood, being a culture media, attracts lot of bacteria. On the other hand, menstrual cups collect the menstrual blood and there has not been a single case reported of TSS.

Will the blood flow back?

No, the cervix is strictly an exit-only part. So, the blood will never flow back?

Is there a possibility to loose the menstrual cup inside me?

Absolutely no chance, since the female genitalia is a finite human body part.

Can we use menstrual cup before marriage?

The menstrual cups can definitely be used before marriage. It does not alter the pH value of the female genitalia

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