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Good service, Quality products, very good online customer support
Great product...! -
This product is an absolute life saver. it is good for starting one to four months period and for working ladies and best for every mom i like it. They used quality material. Very comfy to use and clean.. Frequent pumping will increase the supply of milk. The product is good with no leakage observed. Shycart Delivery was spot on.I am very happy and is far cheaper, Would absolutely recommend it to bf mothers.
Excellent results.... -
Very very nice product and best for every job working women. Very comfy to use and clean. The product is good quality and reached us on time. I recommended to all young mothers.
Excellent Product! Good milk supply!! -
Great pump! I have been using this medela breast pump, because I was having lots of trouble feeding. So I use 5-6 times a day (10mins at a time) for over 4 months with no issues. Prior to its use, I was using the hospital grade medela pump, I found the Freestyle to be just as effective. Nice soft cups that don't hurt. Very very expensive, though! I find it is easy to clean and I haven't needed to replace membrane yet. The charge lasts a good 4 days with my use so it can be taken on a weekend away with no need to bring a charger.
Fantastic product for Mothers -
I bought this pump 5yrs ago straight after having my first baby. Having used the hospital pump which was a Medela pump I didn't think twice about looking at other brands. This pump is like the range rover of breast pumps. It really delivered in performance and efficiency. I had to go back to work when my first baby was only 3 months and me usually only need to pump for around 5 -10 minutes and can get up to 200mls in this time. I was worried about taking too much time, but with this pump, it only took me 10 minutes and I got a lot. A year ago, I had my 2nd baby and out came the pump again, still performing at its best. Again the pump delivered what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this pump to any new mother or anyone looking for a really good, reliable pump. I highly recommend this pump. It is comfortable to use and would recommend this to anyone looking to express either regularly or occasionally.
Great pump! Works perfectly!! -
I am in love with Medela Manual pump!! It has been a life saver through the hungry leap stages. It so so comfortable and easy to use. Assembly is so easy. Very easy to clean. It was given to me by a friend. The manual suits my needs as I have very good milk supply. I have found that I can pump with ease just as good as the electric versions utilised within the Hospitals. If you are using the correct technique it is also completely silent. I am really pleased I got this product and would recommend this to other mothers.
Breast pump -
I've been using it for three months. Efficient I thought too. The gentle small pump gets the flow going and then use the main pump. It is comfortable and simple to put together. And good price, Who wants to buy a manual pump for occasional expressing, I can recommend the medela.
Great!! -
I have used this pump with two babies and have been very satisfied. It is easy to use, assemble and disassemble. I have tried that was effective. Compared to the cheap manual pump I received (Medela Harmony pump), the event doesn't have any more parts to clean and the silicone like plastic shields making pumping comfortable. Actually worth every penny I paid. Would recommend, it's really easy and I got a couple of pumps from Shycart. Very simple to put together, easy instructions and easy to clean. Strongly recommend. good product for the price.
Really Nice!.. -
The product did what it said it would do effectively, proficiently. Very comfortable, just the right size. Did not make me feel uncomfortable or sore at all. It is super easy to clean. Actually using it, was a relief breast pain for me. I can use it again with my next baby. I feel we got our money's worth on it and it is still in great shape to use again.
Effective and Easy!! -
I am really very happy to using this product. It was amazing. I had great use of using this pump. I was surprised, It was great, thanks! The value was great. I couldn't ask for a better product. It didn't break at all. I seriously would use it again if I had to. The comfort level could be better. And I would recommend it to anyone that needed a breast pump.
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