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The screaming o - the big o glow - glowing vibrating rings

The Screaming o-The big o Glow, the powerful vibrating motor that can take couples to the next level of love-making and illuminate their sex life by glowing flashlights, vibration and different fun pulsation mode on a dim bedroom. It has a strong multifunction motor for pulsating and red LED flashlight that glows depending on their moves at intercourse. It is an ultimate revolutionary ring among others and offers supreme sensation for the purpose of the sexual ride. Plus it enhances you as well as your partner.


It is made up of high degree body-safe silicone and non-latex. It can be expanded to fit any size men. It is used to keep the erection harder and stronger. It comes with water-proof facility and Reusable sex toy. Replaceable batteries in these rings can last longer up to 45 minutes or more. 

How to use?

Position the Vibrating ring on men's membrane facing upwards and turn it on by pressing the button located on the side of the vibrator. Start the vibrator to run on single speed by pressing once and glow to show you the path to bliss. Push twice to start pulsing that can take you 9 different excitement modes with light flashes and let begin to start your sex marathon. To turn off, press the button thrice. 


It is mainly applicable to enlighten the sexual pleasure of Couples, not for contraception. It should not be used on inflamed or burned areas.



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