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Best Use and Throw Vibrating Ring Online

Disposable Vibrating Ring

Use and Throw vibrating rings are designed to be disposable after use. After using the vibrating ring,

1. Carefully wrap the vibrating ring in a tissue

2. Discard the used vibrating ring hygienically

3. Do not throw the disposable vibrating ring in the toilet.

4. Use and throw vibrating ring do not act as a contraceptive

5.  Disposable vibrating ring for men is designed to create sensitivity and helps to build a larger erection

6. Designed to have vibration mode on and can be used only once.

7. Remove the vibrating ring if your partner experiences any discomfort or pain.

8. If you are allergic to natural rubber latex products, consult with your physician for advice before use.

Best Use And Throw Vibrating Ring Online

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Modified on 18 Apr, 2021

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