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Do Delay Rings Work?

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Do Delay Rings Work?

If you want to have exciting sex with your partner, the first thing is to check the expiry date of a vibrating ring. But most of the men buy vibrating rings from medical stores in a hurry without checking the expiry date because they do not want their mood to get spoiled.

Do delay rings expire? Yes, delay rings can expire. Durex Vibrating Rings always have an expiry date on the back of each individual packet, regardless of whether they were bought as a single or as a larger pack. If a vibrating ring has expired, there is chance for splitting, tearing, or puncturing during sex.

Why do Vibrating Rings expire?

The material of delayed rings breaks down; loses its effectiveness over time. When the vibrating rings are kept in direct sunlight, they can lose their effect. Therefore, it is important to keep your vibrating rings stored in a dry place. When the vibrating rings get expired, chemicals present in the ring will damage the integrity of the vibrating ring, significantly reducing its lifespan.

All individual vibrating rings should have an expiry date, so all you need to do is check the date before use. If the vibrating ring is in date, go ahead and use it. If the vibrating rings are out of date or date is not visible on the pack, then throw it away and buy a new Vibrating Rings at Rs.149 online from shycart.


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Modified on 18 Apr, 2021

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