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Crezendo vibrating ring - Sensual Vibrating pleasure for 20 mins

Crezendo vibrating ring - Sensual Vibrating pleasure for 20 mins

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Crezendo A Vibrating ring for Ultimate Pleasure It is a vibrating ring which is a condom accessory. This ring is designed to fit securely at the base of the condom, emitting strong vibrations that provide exciting stimulation for both partners. It is powered by an ultra light battery that is safely enclosed in a soft silicone shell. Crezendo vibrating ring can be slipped on for a 20—minute joyride through the realms of vibrating pleasure. The review from the users indicate that this is the best ever product for ones sexual satisfaction, especially for satisfaction of the female partner.

What is Moods Crezendo Vibrating ring?

Wondering what are vibrating rings? Moods crezendo vibrating ring is a sensual pleasure ring for additional pleasure for couples. They are also known as condom ring vibrator when used with a condom. Vibrating rings are made of health-grade silicone material. The vibrator ring contains a silicone sheath around to be worn on the male genital and it has a moulded and enclosed vibrator that has a battery in it. The vibrating rings are mainly used for inducing the sensual pleasure to both the partners involved in the sexual intercourse.

How Moods Vibrating condom work?

vibrating ring is a condom accessory. It is designed to fit securely at the base of the condom and it emits strong vibrations that provide exciting stimulation for both partners. Vibrating ring for pleasure is powered by an ultra light battery that is safely enclosed in a soft silicone shell. 

Crezendo vibrating ring can be slipped on for a 20—minute joyride through the realms of vibrating pleasure. It is easy to use and can be turned on and off to enhance your state of sexual arousal. It is safe, reliable and designed to provide the ultimate stimulation for your female partner and you. 

The moods vibrating ring has a small in built vibrator in it. The vibrator can be switched on / off depending on the need. The Vibrator vibrates itself and it has a silicone ring enclosed on it. The silicone ring will vibrate along with the vibrator and thus passing the vibrating sensation to the ring associated with it.

Why should we use Moods vibrating ring?

Vibrating rings are used for a range of purposes.

1. Have added sensual pleasure to the couples

2. Help people with erectile dysfunction to stay hard, a little longer.

3. Induce more fun in the bedroom

4. To tackle the bedroom boredom

Moods Crezendo Vibrating ring - Product Information

Battery duration: 20 minutes

Material: Health grade silicone.

Cost of vibrating ring

Looking for vibrator ring price? A vibrating ring is pleasure vibrator ring used by couples during intercourse. The cost of the vibrating ring for Moods crezendo ring starts at Rs.149. Price of Moods vibrating ring is Rs.149. You should buy vibrating ring with condoms to even enhance your pleasures and stay protected as well!

How to use Moods Crezendo vibrating Ring?

Check out how to use Moods vibrating ring. This is the general procedure for using any vibrating ring available in the market.

Using crezendo vibrating ring is quite simple.

  1. Open the crezendo vibrating ring box
  2. Wear it on the penis
  3. Push it to the bottom of the penis
  4. Wear a condom on top of it, if required.
  5. Make sure the button of the vibrating ring is reachable to your finger to help the ease of switching on and off.
  6. Slide the ON / OFF button to get the vibration started.
  7. Indulge in the act of intercourse.
  8. Switch it off after use.
  9. Ensure your partner is comfortable with the usage.

What is the advised amount of usage?

The vibrating rings can be used up to 20 minutes on the whole. The usage of penis rings / cock rings varies from person to person. It can be used at one for not more than 5 minutes, in order to avoid any physical stress to the male genital. The stress applies to both the partners involved in the act. It is advisable to use a condom with vibrating ring to stay protected against HIV and STD’s.

Can we use vibrating ring with condoms?

What is vibrating ring? It is a vibrator ring which is used to enhance sensual pleasure. Using vibration ring along with condom is highly recommended to stay protected from various STD’s. Also, the condom vibrating ring combination is a great way to enhance your intimate moments.

You can opt for a variety of condoms to make your sexual play better. Use it along with penis vibrating ring and experience ultimate bliss with your loved one!

Is it washable?

Silicone is highly sterile. Health grade Silicone is easy to wash and generally any body fluids can be easily washed away due to its nature of being non-sticky. Since the vibrating condom ring is moulded well, the product can be easily washed away. The ring vibrator is well suited for use by men who desire extra pleasures during their intimate moments.

Crezendo rings - Review

Crezendo rings reviews are quite raving and it had ranged from not less than amazing to awesome. Many of the customers provide review for crezendo rings as the best quality ring that comes at an economical price for great sensual pleasure. The Moods crezendo review has always been quite great and you consider that from the sale of this vibrating ring which has been sold over 3000+ times in shycart alone over the past 1 year.

Is the battery replaceable?

No, the battery is not replaceable. The battery and the vibrator are moulded inside a plastic box. The plastic mould is enclosed with silicone material which prevents the disassembling and replacement of batteries. This penis vibrating ring is meant for a usage of up to 20 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Crezendo ring online with assured privacy and discreet packaging and have heavenly pleasures with the best vibrating ring online!

Questions about this product

Is it reusable
Asked on 25-Nov-2018
No. It is not reusable
Answered on 28-Nov-2018

Crezendo vibrating ring - Sensual Vibrating pleasure for 20 mins - Reviews

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