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Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating rings (resuable rings)

Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating rings (resuable rings)

Price: 599
Will be delivered between 27 Jul, 2019 - 30 Jul, 2019

This vibrating ring product does not covered in the replacement policy in the event of defective or not working as per manufacturer/supplier policy

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Enjoy the thrill of intimacy with Carex Basic Instinct Pleasure rings which is reusable vibrating rings

Carex Rabbit Head Vibrating Massage Ring – Product Description

Couldn't find the clue to open the gates to the euphoric world when you make love to your honeybunch? Unlock it now with Carex Basic instinct vibrating rings and get ready to experience the unprecedented pleasure from your intensifying physical intimacy.

When you're fascinated to have different sex appeal and augmented pleasure, then never forget your silicon rabbit pal (i.e.) Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating Rings which accompany you in accomplishing your fantasies as easy as drinking a glass of water. Carex Vibrating Rings will not keep her stable in bed as it flickers her clitoris region that will make her coquette.

To get benefited by Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating Ring, all you need to do is to slide the vibrating ring downward your genitalia when it is erect and don't forget to switch on the battery before you insert your organ in. The rabbit ear shaped extension in the vibrator ring will reach and abrase against her clitoris inducing intense pleasure whilst you continue with your to and fro.

Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating ring - Product Information:

Description   Vibrating Ring for sensual Pleasures
Material  Health-grade silicone
Colour Transparent 
Texture   Plain
Shape   Ring
Quantity  1 Vibrating ring
Usage   Upto 30 minutes

Your partner can get her clitoris and vagina titillated at the same time. With Carex ring, the enormous pleasure that she's will experience will allow her to submerge in the tantalizing gameplay and you both can have an exploding climax.

Carex Basic instinct Vibrating Ring Features

• Single functioning motor

• Pleasure vibrator ring for penis and Rabbit like ears for enhanced sensations

• Elastic, comfortable erection ring

Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating Ring Product Information

• Reusable

• Replaceable LR41 batteries that last up to 30 minutes

• Harm free silicon

• Latex and phthalate-free

• Wireless

• Waterproof.

Carex Basic Instinct - Audio

Audio Description for Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating ring.

How to use Carex Basic instinct Vibrating Ring?

1. Wear the vibration ring on your erect penis with vibrator facing upper side and protruding ticklers and Rabbit like ears facing up front. The protruded ticklers should be facing forward because it is designed especially to tickle the woman's sensitive area.

2. Slide down Carex Basic instinct ring to the base of your penis. If the rabbit ears are on the upper side of the shaft reaching the clitoral region that will be tickled, if it is worn on the other side of the penis, the perineum (region between the vagina and anus openings) will be stimulated.

3. To turn on the carex vibrating ring, carefully flick the on/off switch inside. The switch is located strategically on the side of the vibrator. The vibration from this vibration ring will last about 30 minutes.

4. When the battery is exhausted, turn off the penis vibrating ring carefully by flicking the on/off switch once again.

Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating ring price

The Carex vibrating ring price is Rs. 599 only which is quite affordable. With replaceable battery, you can reuse this vibrating cock ring for enhancing your bedroom pleasures. So, don’t waste much time and buy Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating ring online in India with 100% privacy and discreet delivery!

Carex Basic instinct Vibrating Ring - Video

Questions about this product

Some of the review says it is too tight. What kind of material it is and different sizes options available ?
Asked on 29-Mar-2019
They are made of health grade silicone. It is stretchable. It comes in 1 standard size.
Answered on 09-Apr-2019
How to charge this
Asked on 12-Dec-2018
You can replace the batteries.
Answered on 20-Dec-2018

Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating rings (resuable rings) - Reviews

4.6 / 5





Awesome service
doesnt vibrate like durex -
the ring is very small and doesn’t stretch also. the vibrations are very bad
! -
Extremely pleased with the service. You should expand your list of products though.
Satisfied. Keep it up.
Services and product r nice in quality .
Great service -
Great service guys ...
Okay -
Good quality -
Excellent -
Nice its very good. Its simply the best. Close Your Eyes and Buy It.

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