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Durex vibrating ring - silicone based ring - 30 Minutes sensual pleasure for couples

Durex vibrating ring - silicone based ring - 30 Minutes sensual pleasure for couples

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Durex play vibrating rings are vibrator powered silicone-based rings that add the sensual pleasure to the couples. The main purpose of the Durex vibrator ring is to trigger the hot spots between the partners. Sex may be the best win-win game for the couples in the beginning but the passing days is what makes it boring. But these boredoms can be overcome by experimenting the lovemaking session with new things just like Durex vibrator rings. With this Durex vibration rings, couples can unlock the ultimate pleasure in their mundane eroticism. The Durex vibration rings are known for its all-exciting tickling pleasure and great sensation, they offer vibration at targeted spots to induce the titillating stimulation. Check out Durex play vibrating rings online at best quality and embellish the naughtiness into your bedroom. This vibrating ring product does not covered in the replacement policy in the event of defective or not working as per manufacturer/supplier policy.

Buy Durex Vibrating Ring Online 

Durex vibrating ring is designed to enhance the pleasure and satisfaction for both partners during intercourse, up to 20 minutes of pulsating sensations. The material used in the vibrating ring is stretch-to-fit. Durex vibrating rings can be used with condoms and pleasure gels. It provides ultimate discretion and uninterrupted pleasure. Durex Play Vibrating Ring is waterproof. It can be enjoyed in the bath as well as in the shower.

Durex Play Vibrating Ring used for

Durex Play Vibrations ring is used to induce more tickling sensation to flicker the chemistry between couples. These rings are created to beat the boredom in bed due to mundane lovemaking and "nothing more to make it exciting” feel. Also, when a couple actively gets started with their sexual life, it is the moment they explore a lot of stuff for themselves. Durex vibrator rings are extremely helpful in these cases.

These play rings are specially meant to heighten sexual pleasure with strong vibrations. Vibrations ring triggers the erogenous zones of the genitalia giving immense sensations to both partners during lovemaking. Buy Durex Play vibrating rings online today! 

Durex Vibrating ring Product Information:

Description   Vibrating Ring for sensual Pleasures
Material  Health-grade silicone
Colour Transparent 
Texture   Plain
Shape   Ring
Quantity  1 Vibrating ring
Usage   Upto 20 minutes


Benefits of Durex Play Vibrating Ring

Designed to improve love making between the couples.

Powerful and quiet vibrating ring that delivers pulsing sensation for up to 20 minutes.

Made using skin safe materials and fully waterproof. So, couples can enjoy their sex during the bath.

Can be used with or without condoms.

The sexual feeling can be enhanced more by applying lubricants.

To enhance the quality of sensation, vibrating rings can be used with pleasure gels of comfort gels.

Durex Vibrating Ring - Audio

Audio Description for Durex play vibrating ring.

What is contained in Durex vibration rings?

The Durex vibration ring contains a

  • A wearable ring-shaped accessory which is made of health-grade silicone.
  • A small vibrator with an on/off switch.

Durex vibrations ring is a simple yet effective accessory to your sensual pleasures. The ring is flexible and would comfortably fit along with the girth of the male genitalia. Buy Durex vibrating ring with assured privacy.

Note: The Durex vibrator rings have usually moulded the battery within.

How does Durex play ring work?

There is an on/off switch on the Durex vibrator ring. The pleasure will get skyrocketed when the on switch button is turned on. The vibrator in the Durex play ring will vibrate and the vibration gets passed to the silicone ring. When worn, the pleasure gets spread out on the male genitalia.

These vibrations from Durex vibrator help in effective stimulation of both genitals during intercourse. The pleasurable vibes of vibrator ring spread out and stimulate the couple for multiple orgasms.

Who can use Durex Play rings?

 Anyone can use Durex Play vibrating rings.

  • Newly married.
  • Couples who feel boredom.
  • Couples who wish to explore new and exciting ways to add fun.
  • Men who have erectile dysfunction. ** Not a complete cure though.

Anyone who wishes to have better sexual experiences must try the Durex play vibrating ring!  It is very easy to use a vibration ring and also it is available at an affordable price as well.

How long the Durex play vibration rings will vibrate? 

The vibrator will last for 20 minutes. The battery of the vibrator is created in such a way to last for 20 minutes. You should use the vibrator ring for not more than 5 minutes at a stretch. This will ensure that your natural way of lovemaking would not be affected by any means.

Can it be used with a condom? 

It is completely up to the partners to decide whether to use it with or without the condoms. Condoms are worn to prevent unwanted pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases. If used with a condom, the Durex play vibrating rings should be worn first and on top of it, the condoms should be worn. You can try different assorted condoms with this vibrating ring for new experiences. For instance, using dotted and ribbed condoms along with this ring will result in exhilarating sensations.  

Durex Play Vibrating Ring Price

The Durex play vibrations ring price is Rs.400. Buying Durex vibrator ring online would ensure discreet delivery and best quality Durex play rings with concealed packaging. The Durex play ring price is quite affordable with superior quality and performance.

How to use Durex play vibration ring?

  • Open the pack of Durex play rings.
  • Stretch the bottom part/elastic part of the ring to a little to accommodate/place it on the male genital.
  • Place it comfortably and possibly to move the fingers swiftly on the on/off button.
  • If required, wear a condom on top of it. 
  • Switch on the vibrator using the simple on/off button.
  • Try different positions and location to experiment and induce different sensations.

Are there any side effects?

There are absolutely no side effects with the product as such. However, it is advised to use play rings optimally in order to avoid any addiction to pleasure. Without which, it would be tough for both the partners to re-live the tickling sensation during intercourse.

Does it help to cure any erection issues/premature ejaculation?

20% of the men use Durex play vibrating rings for premature ejaculation since it controls the blood flow to the penis for a considerable amount of time. It is suggested to use climax delay condoms to effectively delay ejaculation. You can use Durex Play Vibrator along with a climax delay condom for best results. This will not only help you get better sensual pleasures but also extend your lovemaking sessions.

Can this be used daily?

It can be used daily. But, please be very cautious about the usage on a daily basis since it might affect the general pleasure without using the vibrators. The vibrating rings should be used only to add more fun to your bedroom pleasures.

Is Durex vibrating ring reusable?

Yes, Durex vibrating ring is reusable. Replace the battery whenever needed, and the product is best to reuse.

Is Durex vibrating ring rechargeable?

No, You cannot recharge the Durex vibrating ring, instead, you can replace the batteries and reuse it.

Is Durex vibrating ring safe to use without a condom?

Yes, this product can be safely used without condoms as well.

Is Durex vibrating ring meant for single use?

The Durex vibrating ring can be used 2-3 times until the battery lasts. Approximately the battery lasts for 20-25 mins.

Can Durex vibrating ring be used with condoms and lubes?

Yes, Durex vibrating ring can be combined with lubes and condoms for more excitement and increased pleasures.

Is Durex Play Vibrating Ring safe?

Durex Play Vibrating Rings are safe if they are used correctly. Vibrating Ring helps to trap blood in and around the penis, to prevent it from flowing out during an erection. This makes the penis tissue harder, slightly bigger for a long period of time. It provides more intense climax.

How to select a perfect vibrating ring?

A wide variety of pleasure rings are available in the online market. Buy Durex Play Vibrating Ring from shycart that allows you to be comfortable. Buy vibrating ring based on

  1. Type of material used,
  2. Size,
  3. Weight
  4. Variations.

Is it comfortable using Durex vibrating ring?

The product is made of soft, stretchy material aiming to fit comfortably for most of the men. Durex vibrating ring is specially designed to provide mutual satisfaction.

What is the purpose of a vibrating ring?

A vibrating ring is designed to enhance bedroom pleasures for both the partners. Provides mutual satisfaction and adds more fun to your special nights. The vibrating rings can be used with or without condoms.

Why should one use Durex products?

Durex is one of the most trusted brands with more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing condoms. They use all fine quality raw materials, and all the products are electronically tested. Durex products are designed for safe and protected pleasure during intercourse.


Durex play vibrating ring - Infographic :

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Durex play vibrating ring - Infographics

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