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When should you start testing for ovulation after your period?

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When should you start testing for ovulation after your period?

It depends on your average menstrual cycle. To calculate the idle day to start testing for ovulation, you should first deduct 17 days from your usual cycle. If you have an average cycle of 28 days, then you should start testing for ovulation from the 11th day and continue testing for the next six days. This helps you in estimating your most fertile period when the chances of conceiving are higher. You may use an ovulation calculator to calculate the suitable date to begin testing for ovulation.

In case of an irregular menstrual cycle, it is advised to take the average of your menstrual cycles and determine when to start testing for ovulation. Ovulation test kits give a highly accurate result when used properly (Check: Are ovulation test kits accurate?). It is, therefore, necessary to use buy ovulation lh prediction kit it wisely according to the instructions provided. And for best results buy i know ovulation test kit online. Read more about how to use ovulation test kits. In conclusion, knowing when to start testing for ovulation might seem a little confusing at first but with proper tracking of the monthly cycle, you should be able to determine the right period to start testing.

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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