Understanding what is ovulation

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Understanding what is ovulation

A woman’s chances of getting pregnant are highest on two days in any month. These two days are the days after ovulation when the egg is present in a woman’s system. A woman’s menstrual cycle is typically 21 to 35 days. Around the middle of the menstrual cycle, luteinizing hormone or LH in a woman’s body rises. This causes one single egg to be released into the woman’s system. This release of one egg into the woman’s system every month is called ovulation.

The egg stays in a woman’s system for 12 to 24 hours. If the intercourse takes place during these 12 to 24 hours, the egg may be fertilized by a sperm resulting in a pregnancy. If intercourse does not occur within this period, the egg disintegrates and is expelled with the next menstruation or period. Thus it is important to know when the ovulation will occur in a woman’s body to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Finding Ovulation - Is it better to go digital?

While science is still waiting for an invention that can read a human mind, it has achieved remarkable success in understanding the human body. Gone all the days where women were meticulously using calendar calculations to predict their Ovulation time and studies even showed that they were not reliable.

Buy ovulation test kit and this will solve this problem and has helped women to plan pregnancy naturally and more effectively.

But today with the rise in digital technology especially in medical science, the innovation of digital test kits replaced the use of ovulation test pads. Most women these days prefer digital because they are accurate, clear, simple to use and very reliable too.

  • Reading the results of traditional line tests can be difficult for some users and so displayed digital results are beneficial as they are easy to interpret.

  • Advanced digital test kits help to identify four fertile days compared to two days by conventional test kits. Thus giving couples more flexibility and time to plan intercourse around their busy lifestyles. This feature is accomplished by tracking the changing levels of the urinary metabolites of two fertility hormones (LH and E3G*).

  • Latest digital test kits contain software with the sophisticated algorithm which adapts to a woman’s individual hormone levels in order to accurately identify her fertile window. This is an advantage over an analogue ovulation test kit which measures LH to a constant uniform threshold, ignoring the fact that women have different baseline hormone levels, which can themselves vary between cycles.

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In conclusion, the most effective way to find your Ovulating days is to do go digital. So, plan your physical act of love on a perfect day and wish you have a swift journey from ovulation to conception. And don't forget to buy pregnancy test kit to check whether you've conceived or not.

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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