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How to use Digital Basal Thermometer?

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How to use Digital Basal Thermometer?

How to Use Your Basal Thermometer

The digital basal thermometer provides BBT temperature readings accurate within 1/10th of a degree. You should take your temperature before you get out of bed, drink, eat, talk, have sex, or smoke in order to get an accurate reading. The digital basal thermometer should be inserted for a full five minutes, and the reading should be reading within one-tenth of a degree. Which is an especially created for predicting ovulation and charting fertility, the BBT thermometer features:

1. Ovulation chart.
2. A beeper to indicate peak temperature reading.
3. Memory recall of your last reading.
4. A large, easy-to-read digital display.

Step 1: Get a digital basal thermometer that is true to 1/10th of a degree or 0.05 degrees Celsius. Recording each day’s BBT temperature. By charting the pattern of temperature variations, you will be able to pinpoint ovulation, your peak time for conceiving a kid. Because BBT charting allows a female to verify that ovulation has taken place, it is very useful in helping you conceive.

Step 2: Keep it on your bedside table, on the side of the bed that you sleep on. Taking your temperature first thing in the morning is a to create habits that become second nature after a short while. Keeping your thermometer close at hand will make the habit much to create.

Step 3: When you wake up in the morning and are still laying in bed, (after at least 4 hours of good sleep) it is better to buy ovulation thermometer and turn on and put it in your mouth. It’s important to take your temperature as soon as you know you are awake and before doing anything else. Don’t do anything before taking your temp. This means no eating, no drinking, no getting up to pee, no smooching your sweetheart… all of those can raise or lower your BBT, and you need it to be accurate for best results. Do your best to take your temp at the same time every day, if you take it earlier or later than usual this can affect your BBT, as temperatures tend to creep slightly higher the later you sleep.

During the first two weeks of a woman’s cycle, her body temperature is lower (96.0 to 97.5 F). With ovulation, a rise in body temperature takes place – caused by an increase of the hormone progesterone in order to provide a warmer, more fertile environment. A minimum temperature rise of 0.4 to 0.6 degrees F can be measured. By monitoring when this temperature change takes place, you can ascertain when ovulation takes place in your cycle.

Place the probe way back under your tongue, so the metal probe tip is as warm as possible. Now relax and wait till you hear it beep. It only takes a minute at most, and for those of you who need an excuse to cool, this is it. And remember, don’t get up out of bed and measure your temperature in the bathroom. Once you’re out of bed your BBT is previously altered.

Step 4: Once you hear the thermometer beep, take it out of your mouth and have a look at the temp. Remember it, write it down, or put it in your chart.

Step 5: Shut it off and go back to sleep, or get up and start your day. Just make sure to get that temp into your chart before the day is through.

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Modified on 26 Aug, 2019

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