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How to use ovulation test kit

How to use ovulation test kit

What is Ovulation period?

Ovulation is the phase of a female's menstrual cycle in which a matured egg is released from ovarian follicles into the oviduct.  After ovulation, during the luteal phase, an egg will be available to be fertilised by a sperm. Concomitantly, the uterine lining (endometrium) is thickened to be able to receive a fertilised egg. If no conception occurs, the uterine lining, as well as blood, will be shed during menstruation.

Ovulation home test

Ovulation home test is used by women to help identify the time in the menstrual cycle when they're most likely to become pregnant. The test works by detecting a rise in luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine. Such a rise or surge signals the ovary to release an egg. This home test is often used by women to predict ovulation.

An ovulation test kit is the first step HCG test is a rapid test to identify the presence of HCG in serum or urine parts in a qualitative format sensitive to 15mIU HCG/ml. Utilises the test a combination of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody reagents to selectively recognise an elevated level of HCG in serum or urine, the immunological specificity of this test virtually reduces cross-reactivity interferences from the structurally related glycoprotein hormones hFSH, hLh, hTSH at physiological levels.

Buy i-know Ovulation strip and it is a test, used to observe the fertility of a woman while her monthly cycle to identify the longer effective time to conceive. It operates by checking hormones contained in the urine to indicate the best time to attempt conception.

Uses of ovulation test kit

i-sure Ovulation Strip is a test used to monitor the fertility of a woman during her monthly cycle to identify the most effective time to conceive. It operates by measuring hormones contained in the urine to indicate the best time to attempt conception. The strips are normally used over the course of several days until the desired result is observed.

Things not to be done before the test:

1. Do not drink large amounts of fluid before using the test.

2. Ask your doctor if you need to stop taking certain drugs before using this test.

3. Drugs that can decrease LH measurements include estrogens, progesterone and testosterone. Estrogens and progesterone may be found in birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy.

4. The drug clomiphene citrate (Clomid) can increase LH levels. This drug is used to help trigger ovulation. Women taking this drug should wait three days after stopping the medicine before checking their LH levels.

When to use an ovulation strip?

Luteinizing hormone (LH) increases before the woman's most fertile days and is detected in urine. During an ovulation, an ovum matures and gets separated from the ovary after forming a follicle. So, the increase in LH indicates the ovulation time of a woman in short because the egg gets released from the ovary. The best time to take the ovulation test is decided after determining the length of the menstrual cycle (the first day of bleeding till the day when you start bleeding, next periodic cycle). Fill a container with urine and dip the strip. Take the test between 11 am-3 pm or 5 pm-10 pm. To be confident about the LH discharge, you can take the test twice a day. Test at the same time each day until the test comes positive.

When to try after the ovulation test?

The test takes a 4-5 time to show results. If the test shows positive, you should have intercourse during the 48 hours after the test. The LH secretion is 24-36 hours before you ovulate. The ovulation strip is very helpful in tracking the best ovulating days and then try to conceive. It is reliable but read the instructions from the kit before testing.

How to use home Ovulation test kits

Read the instructions correctly and carefully.

Ovulation is the most valuable time to get pregnant. Every woman maintains a track of her ovulating days so that conceiving becomes much simpler and immediate. Generally, ovulating days are counting depending on the menstrual cycle. However, many women have an irregular cycle due to which ovulation days become confusing. So, ovulation strips are available in the market which detects and gives the accurate ovulation dates. 


How to drop urine for ovulation test kit

You will need to urinate on the test stick or place the stick into urine that has been collected into a sterile container.

  1. The test stick will turn a certain colour or display a positive sign if a surge is detected.

  2. A positive result means you should ovulate in the next 24 to 36 hours, but this may not be the case for all women. The kit's instruction booklet will tell you how to properly read the results.

  3. If you miss a day, you may miss your surge. You may also miss recording a surge if you have an irregular menstrual cycle

What does an ovulation strip do?

The ovulation strip helps to find out when your body delivers an egg from your ovary. This gives a clue as to when your body is fertile to conceive quickly. Primarily, ovulation days last for 14-17 days yet the best two days are the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation. These days are more effective to get pregnant.

How the Test is performed:

Ovulation prediction test kits usually come with five to seven sticks. You may need to test for several days to detect a surge in LH. The specific time of the month that you start testing depends on the length of your menstrual cycle. For example, if your normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, you'll need to test on day 11 -- that is, the 11th day after you started your period. Always buy ovulation test kit online in India and get your ovulation days calculated accordingly.


Infographic - How to use an ovulation test kit

How to read the result?

Reading the result is different from reading a pregnancy test. For using the ovulation test kit you need be mindful of the following:


How to read the ovulation test kit results

Negative Result - the Test line (T) is lighter than the Control line (C) or not visible at all.

ovulation test  kit result - Negative

Positive Result - the test line (T) has to be as dark as or darker than the Control line (C)

Ovulation test kit result - positive

Invalid Result - no line appears in the Control (C) window even if a line appears in the Test (T) window.

How to drop urine for ovulation test kit

How to use use Ovulation test kit Video:

Check out the video on how to use ovulation test kit:

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