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Can Ovulation Test Kit Detect Pregnancy?

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Ovulation Test Kits are urine based test kit that detects the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. Ovulation Test kits are mainly designed to predict ovulation and help to intercourse during peak fertility and allow for the best chance to get pregnant. If you are getting a positive result in ovulation test kit, it does not mean that you are pregnant. To confirm your pregnancy, go for Pregnancy Test Kit to get better and accurate results which is available in shycart. 

Once you get a positive result in the ovulation test kit, LH and your most fertile days are detected. So that you can intercourse accordingly to get conceive. Ovulation test kit gives a clear view about time to intercourse. 

To get accurate results, use Ovulation Test Kit to detect the ovulation and pregnancy test kit to detect the pregnancy. To make it simple, shycart offers the best ovulation test kit which helps to find your fertile window.

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Modified on 22 Apr, 2021

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