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Perfumed panties - are they useful?

Perfumed panties - are they useful?

They make you feel confident and better. They also make you more sensual and in turn enhancing the romance factor in you and your partner especially. 

About the panties:

Lingerie has always been for visual delight. Adira Perfumed Lingerie includes another measurement and stirs new faculties with flower scented products. The Perfumed Lingerie comes in Rose, Lavender and Jasmine aromas, each of them having special aromatic healing advantages for you and your adoration life.

They are made of 100% cotton body exclusive of trimmings. These panties are stitched or manufactured in the same way as other normal ones but the key lies in the way the fabric is treated to smell good and spread the fragrance. The fabric is carefully treated with the essence of the particular flavor which is selected to. There are three flavours Lavender, Rose and Jasmine. The garment should be hand washed or machine washed in normal cycle.  

How does it work?

The fabric does the enchantment here. The scent is implanted profound into the fabric strands. The scent is discharged gradually during that time or night and a mystical aroma encompasses you. Another fun thing is that, the more you move, the more the erosion on the fabric, the more the scent is discharged.


Fitting and sizes:

These panties are low waist panties and they fit in perfectly and comfortably. They have high cut legs. They also have maximum back coverage which makes u feel at ease.

The perfumes lingerie range consists of

Perfumed Panties and

• Perfumed Bra and Panty Sets

Benefits of Perfumed panties:

They are perfumed that is the first benefit. They smell good they have fragrance which smells great and it will keep you fresh. This fragrance works on psychological level as well as they lift your depression and ease the anxiety.  Wearing them will indirectly reduce the stress & strain which normally depresses us and make us feel down and out. Especially on days when you feel down and dejected they uplift you, make you feel happy and elevates you spirit. The sweet fragrance also makes you sensual and increases the romance quotient as your partner also finds you more attractive. The aroma creates an aura of attractiveness where ever you go. One other biggest benefit of these panties are in the time of periods they keep away the bad odor and makes you feel better and relieves one of the biggest tensions in those sensitive days.

Is it safe?

Adira Perfumes Lingerie is made of 100% cotton treated fabric. It is tested by International Testing Body and is certified to be Skin Friendly.

How long does the fragrance last ?


The fragrance lasts for over 20 washes. Adira Cotton Panties are made with the best cotton fibre that keeps you cool & comfy. The fabric is soft on your skin. They come in simple colors and great for daily comfort.

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Modified on 30 Jul, 2019

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