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Why menstrual cups are the best solution for heavy periods

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Why menstrual cups are the best solution for heavy periods
  1. No leaking, stay worry-free.
  2. Can be used 10-12+ hours continuously.
  3. Reusable, no emergency runs to the drugstore.
  4. Cups hold more, you stay safe.
  5. With a larger capacity than tampons or pads, cups can hold almost three times as much menstrual flow. Fewer bathroom visits! If you have a heavy period with clots, cups are a healthy option as they collect blood clots in your flow.
  6. Menstrual cups can help you to manage heavy bleeding during your period, check out other She Cup Benefits and enjoy healthy and worry-free periods.
  7. Cups are a healthy and handy product. They fit your body – no leaks, no worries.
  8. Menstrual cups collect menstrual flow and are reusable. You won’t run out of hygiene products, and you can say goodbye to emergency tampon trips to the supermarket.
  9. It is a soft cup.
  10. You can leave it for longer, at least 8 hours safely.
  11. Can sleep without care of staining.
  12. No more rashes if you got sensitive skin and no foul odours.
  13. Can change one anywhere as long as you got a washbasin and water supply. No disposal issues.

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Modified on 14 Jul, 2020

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