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Why Switch to Cloth Pads?

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Disposable sanitary pads are made of plastic and synthetic fiber with chemicals in the form of gels and perfumes. These chemicals will completely block the airflow in your vagina and produce rashes and infections. shycart has listed down few reasons why switch to cloth pads.

1. Reusable cloth pads are made of cotton material. Soft and allows the air to flow to your sensitive parts.

2. Cloth Pads are flexible and comfortable.

3. Cloth pads are easier to fix in your panties with a press stud so that you can reposition them. 4. Cloth pads do not smell like sanitary pads.

6. Cloth pads will save your money. Buy Cloth pads from shycart where the price of a cloth pad starts from Rs.150 in India. It can be used for 12 months. Switch to Cloth Pads and save your money.

7. Reusable cloth pads are available in attractive colors and beautiful stitching.

8. Cloth pads in shycart are easy to wash and hygienic.

9. Reusable cloth pads have a lower environmental impact when compared to disposable pads. It is also advisable to buy organic pads that are less toxic.

It is the right time for women, switch to cloth pads. Buy reusable cloth pads from shycart at best price.

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Modified on 18 Apr, 2021

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