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Cloth pads - why should women go for it?

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Cloth pads - why should women go for it?

What are menstrual cloth pads?

During older days, women had generally used stuffs like strips of cloth, sponges and other kinds of absorptive for menstrual protection. Many women in the society, especially in rural areas are still practicing this methodology. Coming to the menstrual Cloth pads, an alternative to disposable napkins and tampons is made up of fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo or jute. It can be reusable, eco-friendly, available at an affordable cost and hygienic product. It can be easily washed by hand or washing machine.

Benefits of using this:

It saves loads of money and is very less prone to avoid rashes and itching. Many women preferred cloth pads, who probably had sensitive skin and allergies, because it is made of hygienic organic cotton. It avoids the risks of TSS that has been associated with Tampons. It is more convenient and perfume free rather than using napkins and tampons. Additional thing is that it has a leak-proof layer grooved from the bands.

Why it is more hygienic than disposable pads?

Millions of women across the world have been used cloth to manage menstruation. Surveying said that fifty six girls had died by using Cloth napkins because of the chemicals such as special polymer crystals used in it which converts liquid into gel and obviously leads to cancer in the female bladder and uterus. Perhaps, a cloth pad is basically made of organic cotton and doesn’t impact the   health when it is properly washed with cold or hot water, dried and stored properly. 

How are menstrual cloth pads different from disposable pads and tampons?

Cloths pads make you feel good and healthy about your period and top of all that secure and comfort. It is much better than tampons and disposable pads that you are readily available in the store. It is being made of low impact dyes, organic based cotton with a variety of colors and prints. It is more convenient for both heavy and light flow. It avoids skin rashes, allergic reactions and won't leak at all anyway. Like all disposable pads, it is facilitated with shorter pads for day use and longer pads for night use. If you intend to buy menstrual cups, please check out shycart.

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Modified on 18 Aug, 2019

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Blood pads
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