Manforce Vs Skore condoms

Manforce Vs Skore condoms

Manforce Condoms Vs Skore Condoms


About Manforce Condoms:-

Manforce is one of the largest selling condom brands in the country. Manforce is indubitably the category leader in premium-quality condoms in India and is currently being endorsed by Sunny Leone. Manforce has the largest collection of flavoured and scented condoms ever! Manforce condoms come in an extensive range of exciting flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Black Grapes, Hazelnut, Pineapple, orange etc. to name a few. Recently the brand has launched XXL condom, Sunny Edition Condoms and Game Condoms all to make your journey more interesting than ever. Constant endeavour to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what Manforce stands for. Their exciting range of condoms promises to take lovemaking to incredible heights of ecstasy. Manforce condoms are most loved among the young and the old excessively owing to the wild and wide range of flavours like Apple, Black Grapes, Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Coffee, Orange, Chocolate to name a few, varieties such as smooth, dotted, ultrathin, ribbed and contoured to name a few and textures that undoubtedly take your partner's excitement to the next level.

Dotted and Lubricated

Get yourself hooked on with sinful indulgence. A catalyst to your dark fantasies, the lubricated and dotted variant from Manforce has been created to tantalize your taste buds & to elevate pleasure in lovemaking. The scintillating fragrance is haunting and the extra dots increases friction stimulating you both and making your sensual episodes more exciting. If you more lubrication for romantic night, then buy sex lubricant online from Manforce. 


About Skore Condoms

Think about the 60's which was not exactly the time when people thought too much about contraception. That’s when TTK Protective Devices Limited (formerly TTK – LIG) made its way in and redefined the Indian Industry. TTK PDL, the pioneers of the condom manufacturing and marketing in the country is into the condom business since the 1950s and has pioneered various breakthroughs here. Skore is TTK's trophy product and a brand that is expeditiously becoming popular with couples across India. Skore is a refreshing and stylish that fits in with the changing socio-cultural trend in the country and with the increasing awareness of safe relationship among the youth and has been ranked as one of the best condoms online in India.

Different Types of Skore Condoms

• Skore Flavoured Condoms

• Skore Long Lasting Condoms

• Skore Skin Thin Condoms

• Skore Cool Condoms

• Skore Zig Zag Condoms

• Skore Coloured Condoms

• Skore Extra pleasure Condoms

• Skore Mixed Condoms

• Skore Time Less Condoms

• Skore Dotted Condoms

• Skore Ribbed Condoms

• Skore Dotted and Ribbed Condoms



Skore Flavoured Condoms

With changing times, when everything is changing and improving let us add new flavours into your life. The art of lovemaking has undergone major transformations and so did the condom! When it comes to condoms, there are high chances that you have already saturated the use of traditional condoms. How about we add some flavour to this? You never know, it might revolutionize the way you have sex by adding more excitement and a sense of fulfilment. They make the sexual experience all the more vibrant. Skore flavoured condoms generally come in colours that complement the flavours. For example, Skore strawberry flavoured condom is red in colour, whereas chocolate flavoured condom is brown. 


Skore Long Lasting Condoms

Extra time condom helps prolong the experience even longer than a regular condom. Any condom that is labelled 'extra strong' or 'extra safe' or 'extended pleasure' or ‘long-lasting’ is going to be thicker than your regular condom and will guide you to last much longer. Benzocaine condoms work by slightly numbing or desensitizing the skin. Long-lasting condoms are coated with a special anaesthetic, known as benzocaine. This comprises the same safe and lab-tested ingredient which is used in anal lubricants. It works by making the overly sensitive areas dull, without the region becoming completely numb. Since benzocaine is heat activated, it comes in right when the friction gets intense with Skore. The innovation of using benzocaine inside of condoms has allowed countless people to benefit beyond boundaries. Usage of benzocaine is not limited to condoms, you can buy delay lubricants that contain benzocaine or lidocaine. 


Skore Skin Thin Condoms

Desiring a condom that has a texture practically like another skin, these Skore Skin Thin condoms are perfectly unmatched. Thin Condoms give you an incredible experience to feel the joy of uninhibited delight. These condoms are extraordinarily made from an ultra-thin material. Discover the intensity of your senses with the Skore Skin Thin. They’re thinner than original condoms to give you the sensation of skin-to-skin contact. Made from a non-latex soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex. Also, this condom is specially lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity. The Skore skin thin range would feel like wearing nothing at all.



Skore Cool Condoms

The Cooling lubricant used in the Cool Condom gives out a unique tingling sensation for extra pleasure and excitement which can be used in all seasons anywhere and everywhere anytime and every time. Skore Cool is Dotted, Mint Flavoured, Coloured and also delays Climax because of the Cooling Lubricant. Skore’s Cool is the condom of choice for couples seeking to try something a little more daring and adventurous. Treated with cooling agents this condom helps tingle and titillate a woman, introducing her to new and unforgettable sensations.



Skore Coloured Condoms

Some people, love certain colours. Therefore if your partner loves to wear pink head to toe, why not extend that colour affinity to the more private aspects of your life? Coloured condoms can be a fun addition to your sex life. We would like to say that they add some fashion to your passion. Visual stimulation plays an important part in any sexual experience. Skore Colored condoms can be an interesting way to make the moment incredibly enticing.



Skore Zig Zag Condoms

The Skore ZigZag Condom comes to you with its unique ribbed and dotted texture, in a patented ZigZag pattern that not only enhances your pleasure but also heightens your lover’s sensory experience. Also, it is anatomically shaped to give you a perfect & comfortable fit. What’s more! Step up your step and open new portals to undiscovered realms of ecstasy with Skore.



Skore Extra pleasure Condoms

Do you want to last longer when making love? Does your partner want or need you to not be so quick on the draw? Are you adverse to taking pills and putting chemicals into your body? Introducing the Skore Extended Pleasure Condom, the condom that will soon be your one and only choice! Skore Extended Pleasure condoms contain a special lubricant inside the condom (made with 5% benzocaine) that helps delay climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer-lasting lovemaking. The climax control lubricant is released through body heat after the condom is rolled onto the penis so that the penis head is desensitized, allowing you to withstand much more stimulation before climaxing. Your partner will experience no loss of sensation but will gain the fulfilment of longer intercourse. The external lubricant contains absolutely no spermicide. Stay prepared for this one “once you use this condom, your partner will never let you buy anything else”! 

Skore Mixed Condoms

Mix-Packs are great for experimenting with different condom models. Understand which condoms is the right one for you or just choose something new every time. 

This Assorted Pack of Condoms Contains the following:

• Ultra Thin Condoms

• Dotted Condoms

• All Night Condoms

• Ribbed Condoms

• Coloured Condoms

• Chocolate Condoms

• Scented Condoms

• Fruit Flavored Condoms

Skore Timeless Condoms

Skore Condoms Advanced Range’s specially formulated lubricant helps one to delay their climax, combined with its unique ZigZag pattern of Ribs and Dots that lets one drive their partner wild and makes lovemaking a truly 'time-less' experience.


Skore Dotted Condoms

Skoere Dotted condoms are the best dotted condom in India that have exceptionally designed raised dots on the outside to increase the excitement and sensations. Dotted condoms have been specifically created to add that extra friction and greater stimulation and unbound enjoyment for the receiving partner, evoking a deeper sexual response from both. Experimenting with different types and textures generally brings a lot of extra fun to your most special moments. Textured condoms have been engineered and strategically formed to add that extra pleasure – they predominantly bring added arousal and adventure to your sex life. The Skore dotted condoms primarily ignite the stimulation and senses of your partner due to the shape of dotted design on the surface of the condom. The dots pattern give the much-needed ignition and increases the stimulation and makes the night more fun due to the enriched round texture, designed on condoms surface.


Skore Ribbed Condoms

Design: with deep ribs to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas.

Sensations: “Ribbed and contoured for extra enjoyment and stimulation.”

Intense: “Features deep ribs along the condom & Ultra Smooth Premium Lubricant for comfort and sensitivity.”

Skore ribbed condoms have a surface texture that comprises of small raised ridges that run around the circumference of the condom. Some comprise deep undulating ribs while others have a narrower ribbing effect. They work by increasing the friction for the wearer and thereby help to intensify the sensation, but it doesn't stop there - the added texture of ribbed condoms also provides your partner with extra stimulation and a pulse that you simply don't get with un-textured alternatives. The enhanced protruding ridge increases stimulation and beyond doubt makes ones’moment more pleasurable. Do not miss the Skore Ribbed Condoms exclusively available online at Shycart in India.

Skore Dotted and Ribbed Condoms

Condoms have come a long way beyond doubt since they were first created. Nowadays they have evolved and surpassed their initial function and it's well known that a condom today can do a lot more than prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Skore’s dotted and ribbed condoms are purely intended to heighten sexual pleasure. These condoms have "extras", layering the inner surface for the wearer to feel while others have them covering the exterior for the partner's enjoyment. Plus, condoms are now available as shaped or contoured, or have a baggier tip, mainly to heighten the wearer's sensation, comfort, and confidence.


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