Do condoms take away sensitivity?

Do condoms take away sensitivity?

Despite being the best contraceptive, many men refuse to use condoms. And the reason for this refusal is very loud and clear that the condoms reduce sexual pleasure and they feel that they lack intimacy with their counterpart during the intercourse. But the recent study on this ambiguous topic said otherwise. It concluded that both men and women weren't able to appreciably distinguish sexual pleasure while having intercourse with or without condoms. But it is always recommended to order condoms for safe sex. 

Another survey that involved men and women aged between 18 and 59 showed that following protective procedures during sexual intercourse were able to satisfy the couples' needs and the condom doesn't make it any less. It also concluded, "women cannot tell the difference between a lubricated condom and a non-lubricated condom during intercourse." If such is the case, experts recommend to buy personal lubricants to overcome this situation. 

Other than prevention against pregnancy and STD's, condoms are beneficial in few other ways. Using condoms relatively delayed the ejaculation as it will slightly reduce the stimulation and friction between the vagina and penis. And this significantly increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

Researchers from Indiana University offered men who are aged above 18 a dozen condoms for free along with the instruction about how to use a condom properly and asked them to keep 30-day sex diaries. This survey involved a large community of 1875 men who signed up for this program and reported intercourse 8876 times. On an average, that is 4.7 sexual intercourse in the course time with 5249 sexual intervals involving condoms used properly.

Young men who are sexually inexperienced reported that they:

  • Had issues with the erections
  • Had their partner complaining about the discomfort during sex

Older men who are sexually experienced reported that they:

  • Were able to have very pleasing and pleasurable sexual encounter
  • Were able to receive oral sex
  • Were able to perform oral sex
  • No issues with the erection
  • Were able to enjoy the duration of intercourse
  • Were able to enjoy the intensity of intercourse

So this study concludes that men who are sexually inexperienced put the blame on condoms. On the other hand, men who are sexually experienced could be able to enjoy sex to its utmost level and have no complaints about condoms.

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Modified on 25 Jun, 2020

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