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Skore Cool Condoms - Cooling Lubricant and Mint Flavoured - Dotted Condoms 10s Pack

Skore Cool Condoms - Cooling Lubricant and Mint Flavoured - Dotted Condoms 10s Pack

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Scoring is now Tingling, Cooling and Minty. The new cool condoms online come with a special Cooling lubricant which is coated on both sides of the condom to give a Tingling Sensation to both of you. Skore cool condom, some people feel that Skore cool condoms are Mint Flavoured and exude a fresh Mint Fragrance which acts as a Mood enhancer. Skore cool condoms are basically Climax delay condoms that is sure to excite you both by extending the time of your lovemaking session. To add to the excitement, the icy cool condom comes with a Dotted Texture to skyrocket your sexual pleasure.

Buy Skore Cool Condoms online

This ice-bound Skore cool condom comes with a special Cooling lubricant that is for sure to extending your physical intimacy by a huge margin and it will let you both have a titillating pleasure.  As mentioned earlier, Skore cool condom is Mint Flavoured and radiates a fresh Mint aroma that complements your mood. To make your intercourse much more thrilling and quivering, Skore has come up with a breath-taking idea and added two more features in the cool condoms that will drive you crazy - Climax delay and dotted texture.

To add a tinge of minty freshness to your erotic evening and make it even more enjoyable, buy Skore cool condoms online at shycart with 100% assured privacy and packaging.

Skore cool condoms – Product information:

Brand Skore
Type Cooling Condom
Made of Non-Allergic Latex
Colour Transparent
Flavour Ice Mint
Lubrication Lubricated
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Sizes Standard sizes
Length 180 mm
Width 53 ±2 mm

Women love dots. And that's why the best way to appease her sexual appetite is by using dotted condoms and cool lubricated condom. Skore Cool condom is for that tingling and refreshing sensation of heightened intimacy. It is the best cooling sensation condoms which is used during sexual intercourse to reduce the friction between couples and yet it will turn on the heat. It will make the intercourse smoother and more pleasurable than ever. Skore Cool condom is best and perfect choice for summer. Skore condoms will reduce the friction between the genitals during penetration and let you have smooth and scintillating lovemaking session. Skore Cool condoms will give you both the super cooling and chilling sensation every time you go to and fro into her. Cool is the new sexy. Buy Skore Cooling condoms for chilling and thrilling fun in bed with your lovebug. Fulfil her sexual appetite in cooler way that you could ever do. Try Skore Cool condoms online from shycart to drive her wild imagination with pleasure and make your romps even more sexciting.

What are Skore Cool condoms?

Cooling condoms online are often advertised as Climax Delay condoms which contain Benzocaine or Lidocaine if you look at the contents in the box. The climax delay lubricant used in the skore cool condoms are just local anaesthesia, which aids you in slowing down the climax, but if the person body is radiating excessive heat he can release the sperms quicker despite using climax delay condoms. Climax delay condoms is not a guarantee but it acts as a stimulant and can help you to sustain longer in the game of love. The climax delaying liquid ice-bounds your penis making it numb so that the male orgasm is delayed. Skore has launched new cool climax delay condom in the name of Skore cool condoms and the other varieties are Skore not out and Skore timeless.

Where to buy skore cool condoms?

Feeling shy to go to an outlet store and ask for a Skore cool condom? Don't you worry, we got that covered for you. Now, Buy Skore cool condom online in India with 100% assured privacy and concealed packaging at shycart.com.

How to use skore cool condom?

Really confused how to use the new skore cool condoms from shycart? Here is the tip to use cool condoms: Before any physical contact, mount the cool condom on the tip of your penis with the rolled side out. The cool condoms are fabricated to unroll smoothly. Don't pull down strongly which might break it during use. If the condom does not unroll smoothly, it might be on in reversed or too old. Discard it and use a branded fresh cool condom. And you're done now!

What is the size of Skore cool condom?

The skore cool condom online in India comes in the standard size – 180 mm long and 53 ±2 mm wide.

Skore Cool condoms price

Check out the new Skore cool condom online at shycart Rs.80 which is just Rs.8 per cool condom.

Skore cool condom's reviews

Skore cool condoms in India are one of the high demand products. Because who doesn't love to delay their orgasm and enjoy the intimacy more time than ever. So we sold more than 400 units in the very short period. And our customers are really enjoying Skore cool condoms and we're welcomed with some positive comments like, “Extremely pleasure - its smell is very much like strawberry 2 my wife....Well packaged." and “Super - Excellent shopping experience ". For more products and reviews, visit shycart.com.

Skore cool condom - Video

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