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Skore Zig Zag Textured Condoms - Dotted and Ribbed Condoms 10s Pack

Skore Zig Zag Textured Condoms - Dotted and Ribbed Condoms 10s Pack

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Always up for adventure in bed with your beloved? We're here for you, now try Skore Zig Zag Condoms online at best price from shycart.com where absolutely concealed packaging and 100% privacy is guaranteed.

Buy Skore Zig Zag Condoms online in India

Want to Be a real warrior in the game of passion/love? With Skore Condoms, Advanced Range is never a coup. The Skore ZigZag Condom with its distinctively ribbed and dotted surface, in a clear-cut ZigZag pattern, instigate the pleasure and also crests your playmate's love sensory organs a delightful experience. Since they're anatomically shaped helps you to have a flawless & comfy fit. Jazz up your game and explore the footsteps to the horizon of ecstasy and the euphoric world. And more! It has easy-to-use disposal pouch for after use.

Roar with passion and say bravo! Bravo! as you now have delicate material but substantial materiel for lovemaking which offers you an opportunity to win her emotions by satisfying her romantic needs every lovemaking night and make her adventurous trance post an overwhelming orgasm. Skore Zigzag condom is paragon which is specially manufactured to have ribbed and dotted texture and meant to enrich the romantic sensory organs quiver for more.

The dots and ribs are accurately designed and placed at a capriciously teasing location so as to tickle the extremely sensual organs inside her door to pleasure while you romantically reciprocate to and fro. The biologically shaped condom offers you an exemplary fit allowing you to never lose your thrust without any frictional interception. This condom allows you to unlock the door to unexplored realms of ecstasy in your erotic yatra with your love mate. You can drive her wild and quiver in sheer orgasm. The pack also comes with an easy disposal pouch for proper disposal of used condoms.

What are Ribbed Condoms?

Ribbed latex condoms are textured and manufactured to augment the titillation, and the reservoir at the top of the condom deliver the wearer extra confidence and serenity in mind. Lubricated ribbed condoms are designed to intensify your pleasure, and many varieties include spermicide to help prevent pregnancy.

Why should one use Skore products?

Skore is the second largest condom brand in the market which is growing quickly. Skore manufactures many exciting products for both men and women. Their products provide ultimate pleasure along with necessary protection.

Can Skore zig-zag textured condoms be reused?

Skore zig-zag textured condoms cannot be reused. Condoms are for single use only. When not used properly as per the instructions, any condoms cannot assure protection against STDs.

Are skore zig zag condoms safe to use?

Skore condoms come with instructions on how to use condoms. When used as per the instructions for intended use, condoms ensure safety and protection. Skore zig-zag condoms are for single use only.

Are these condoms comfortable to use?

Since Skore zig-zag condoms are anatomically shaped, they help you to have a flawless & comfortable fit. Follow the instructions provided for maximum safety and protection.

How do Skore zig-zag textured condoms differ from other Skore condoms?

The Skore zig-zag condom with its distinctively ribbed and dotted surface, in a clear-cut ZigZag pattern, instigate the pleasure. It is anatomically shaped for a comfortable fit and is easy to use too. It also comes with the special and easy-to-use disposal pouch.

What is the texture and material of these condoms?

The Skore zig-zag Condoms made of natural rubber latex are dotted and ribbed in texture.

Why are Skore zig-zag condoms dotted in texture?

Condoms are dotted on the outer surface to provide maximum stimulation to your partner. Choosing condoms purely depends on the personal choice of the couple. Condoms come in many types like textured, flavoured, ribbed, lubricated etc. Just to provide maximum fun along with safety and protection.

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