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Skore Raised Dots and Extra Lubrication Condoms 10s Pack

Skore Raised Dots and Extra Lubrication Condoms 10s Pack

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Raised DOTS condoms. Make your lovemaking different each time with Skore dots. With a extra lubrication for every mood and its dotted texture, it's sure to make her go wild!

Buy Skore Raised Dotted Condoms online in India

Skore Raised Dots with Extra Lubricant Condoms is manufactured for those who want to have extended fun in bed with your playmate and knowing that the condom is safe to play with. Nonetheless, just because you want to experience the prolonged playtime doesn't mean you want to give up your comfort - and with the Skore Ribbed and dotted condoms, you don't have to. Skore Raised Dots extra lubricant condoms are slightly thicker for those who want an ultimate boost, they're designed in a delicately pleasing way that you don't have to sacrifice comfort in your lovemaking night. Play your game of passion with Skore Raised dots extra lubricated condoms that come to you with extra lubrication. And it is dotted to add enticing emotion to eroticism.

This is Specially formulated lubricant condoms for men and that keeps them on track without a break. While dots make every second tantalizingly titillating for her. So keep skoring and play the game not out. That's why the best way to appease with erotic needs is with a condom that’s full dotted.

Features of Skore Raised Dots Condoms 

Skore Raised Dotted condom online in India helps to make your intimate moments more fun and interesting. Buy Skore Raised Dotted condoms online because it comes with extra lubrication which lets couple to enjoy sex to the fullest. Skore dotted condoms are especially designed to make your special moments more wild and enticing. The intensity which the Skore Raised dotted condom brings can pave a path for an overwhelming sensual experience. To make things even better, Skore dotted condoms are not just lubricant but are extra lubricated which will help her to have smooth and pain free sex. For younger couples, Skore comes with an exciting range of products to break the monotony of seeing just one pattern offers an extensive variety that makes the practice of safe sex not just easily doable, but easily enjoyable too.

What are the dotted condoms?

If you are mundane of plain sex with boring same old rubber latex condom type, you can try the best-dotted condom with totally 1500 raised dot on the outer layer of the Skore Raised dots extra lubricate condoms. Does your partner turn off of using the regular condoms which have a flat straight surface? Then now is the time for you. Switch to the Skore dotted condoms that are delicately fabricated with raised round structure on the condom surface which increases the pleasure. The circular shaped structure on the condoms induces tickling sensation to your partner, which will make your playmate reach the pinnacle of her sensation.

Normally condom comes with immense varieties and types. Each and every condom born with a special purpose. For instance, normally, the dotted condom is specially made for added pleasure. It pleasures both of you. The dotted condom has proven to add an uncommon sensation to every second of lovemaking. Now Skore Raised dots condoms are a new range of Condoms. It has 50% bigger in size compared to the normal dotted and flavoured condoms. Couples feel better and using dotted condoms has opened the gate to the world of euphoria for them. Dotted condom levitate your partner with pleasing emotion to fly high during the intercourse. The flavour coupled with design gives an astronomical feeling. These Super Dotted condoms are created for extra and extended pleasure. Skore Raised Dots extra Lubricated condoms have some exquisite flavours like Butterscotch, Chocolate, Strawberry and Orange, Mix fruit, Black Grapes and more other flavours.

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