How to dispose condoms?

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How to dispose condoms?

•    When you buy condoms online in India and while using it do not take off the condoms as soon as you ejaculate. Wait until your genitals to relax.
•    Now hold the teat pointing down to avoid the leakage of semen and roll the other end to make it full length.
•    Then tie the opening of the condom to prevent spilling from either end.
•    Wrap used a condom in its package and put in the Dustbins.
•    Do not put used condom into a flush toilet, as it can cause problems with clogging the pipeline ducts.

How to dispose of condoms - Infographic :

Check out the infographic about easy steps for dispose of condoms.

How to dispose condoms - Infographics
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Modified on 13 Jul, 2020

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