How to wear a condom

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How to wear a condom

While condoms are the best contraceptive against pregnancy, STDs/STIs, the 98% success rate would not be possible, if you are not wearing the condom right. Follow the steps below to ensure that you are having safe intercourse!

1. Checking the expiration date:

You may have the question, why? It is just rubber. What does it have to do with the expiration dates? Well, unfortunately, it does. It is because of the lubrication used in the condoms for smooth and soft intercourse. For pain-free and smooth intercourse always buy lubes. Even the best quality condoms when kept unused for a very long time, the latex condom might get damaged. Which will result in breakage of condoms during the intercourse Also, the male condoms should be stored in a hygienic, cool and dry place. It should be exposed to sunlight. So, ensure that the store you buy from has stored the condoms properly. Else it might result in the broken condom scenario. That is why most people prefer to buy condoms online India In shycart, we have products only from the best condom brand and we store these male condoms as per the advisory was given by the manufacturers.

In the unlikely case, your condom broke, you can read about how to handle condom tear in our blog.

2. Opening the condom:

This may sound very simple. But, this is where you have to be very careful. As per a study, 19% of the condom breakage happened because of the incorrect opening. So, we understand you both would be in a lot of hurry. However, you should do this and all the upcoming steps slowly and steadily.

All the best condoms from the best condom brand will have an option to tear the condom sachet with hands. So, instead of using your teeth or scissors or any sharp object, gently use your hand to tear the pack open and take out the condom.

3. Wearing the condom:

Once you have taken the condom out, ensure that it is neat and ready to be rolled on your penis. The rim of the male condom should be on the outside. It should resemble like a hat. A miniature hat. Now, place it on your penis and slowly – slowly – roll it. In the midway, if it feels like it is not straight or it hasn’t placed itself right and gives you uncomfortable feeling, gently unroll it to the tip of you penis and make the adjustments. Then roll it again.

Ensure that you have not put it inside out. The lubrication on the condom should be on the outside. In the unlikely you have indeed worn it inside out, dont unroll and use it again. Go for a new condom. It is advisable that you do it this way.

4. The position the tip:

All the condoms will be teat ended. Ensure that you dont wear it all way to the teat end. Leave a gap and make sure that teat stays that way.

5. Lubrication:

If you are planning on using any lubes, this is the time you put it on. Just squeeze a little in your hand and spread it all over your penis. It is important that the top half of your penis is well covered in lube.

6. The session:

Do your thing. It’s time. Enjoy your lovemaking session.

7. Removing the condom:

Now, after the lovemaking, once you had ejaculated, you should remove the condom immediately. Else, the semen may come out of the condom and may enter her. So, once you are done, hold the rim with your hand and gently pull your penis out of your partner’s body. Be sure to have pulled out before your penis goes soft. Otherwise, the condom may get loose and would let the semen out. Once you are out, remove the condom by holding the teat end in one hand and rim in the other.

8. Disposing of the used condom:

Once you had removed the condom, you should dispose it off carefully. Hold the condom by its rim and throw it away in the garbage. You may want to roll it with a piece of paper or a plastic pouch beforehand. Else it may leak everywhere. If you had bought the best condom from Skore Champion series, you would have gotten a disposable bag for each condom and hence you need to have worry about the disposal. Just put the used condom in the pouch and throw it away.

If you had lost erection or if you are going to have sex again you should use a new condom.

Have safe sex! Stay healthy!

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Modified on 10 Jul, 2020

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