Female Condoms Vs Male Condoms

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Female Condoms Vs Male Condoms

Female Condom

Male Condom

Made of Polyurethane, nitrile, latex.

Made of Latex, Polyisoprene, polyurethane, or lamb intestines.

75% effective

85% effective

All types of female condoms give protection against STD’s

Condoms that are made Polyurethane and Latex prevent STD but the condoms that are made from lamb intestines don’t.

Hard to find in Medical shops. Easily available online.

It is available in medical stores and online.

A pack of female condoms costs Rs.100.

Latex condoms price start from Rs.75. Non-latex condoms cost Rs.120.

Compatible with both Water-based and Oil-based lubricants.

Compatible with lubricants. Latex condoms should be only with Water-based lubricants. Polyurethane and Non-latex condoms can be used with both water-based and oil-based lubes.

It can be worn up to 8 hours before the intercourse.

It should be worn on the erect penis right before the intercourse.

There is the only size in female condoms. So it might make some noise. But it can be reduced with lubricants.

Always right size should be used in order to avoid breakage or slip off.

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Modified on 05 Sep, 2019

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