Moods vs durex condoms - an eagle view comparison

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Moods vs durex condoms - an eagle view comparison

First, we will look at both the companies.

MOODS Condoms

Welcome to the world of Moods Condoms

The premium lead brand of HLL Lifecare Limited, Moods condom is made at HLL lifecare's best in class assembling plant. Intended to fulfil special needs, they are accessible in an extensive variety of variations. Dispositions are for those times when you don't simply express your craving yet demonstrate that your mind by giving euphoria that is genuinely fulfilling. States of mind as a brand is about sexual certainty acquiring an energizing closeness with your accomplice. It goes about as an impetus to reinforce connections between couples.

HLL Lifecare Limited, the pioneer in the field of contraceptives and medicinal services items in India, is one of the world's biggest condom makers today. The office has the ability to create 1.5 billion condoms yearly. Utilizing the finest innovation and an exceedingly qualified and experienced pool of human asset, Moods is without a doubt the best in its class.

It is this very duty of HLL Lifecare Limited that makes Moods, a standout amongst the most trusted brands of Condoms in India, as well as the world over. Today Moods condoms are accessible in more than 19 energizing variations over the world – Canada, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America and the Caribbean Islands. So regardless of in which some piece of the world there is a longing for closeness, you can make certain that there will be Moods to get it going.

MOODS have a separate manufacturing facility, production unit, packing and quality testing exclusively dedicated to maintaining the highest quality both in the production and packaging of the products.

Moods Accreditations

CE Certified, SABS Approved, NF, ISO  9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, TUV NORD ISO 14001, TUV NORD OHSAS 18001, NABL, WHO GMP.

Durex Condoms

Sexual Health and well-being expertise

With over 97 years of experience in the bringing couples together business, we know our way inside and outside of the bedroom.

Why Durex

Our expertise in sexual health and well-being

Durex has more than 97 years of experience in assembling condoms. So it's protected to say that each and everyone is the result of a procedure that is attempted and tried. That begins with the exposed essentials. Along these lines, every one of Durex condoms utilizes just the finest quality raw materials.

At that point, each condom is tested electronically, with tests from each group additionally expanded with air to test their quality. Global norms request that a condom can contain 18 litres of air in this 'air burst test'. A Durex condom will commonly extend to hold 40 litres of air without blasting. (Only one illustration of us meeting overall security quality guidelines – as well as surpassing them.)

Test condoms are likewise loaded with water to verify they don't spill. (To be erring on the side of caution, we lead around two million of these water tests every month.) All condom sorts are likewise dermatologically tried.

Truth be told, if one example doesn't breeze through any of our tests, the entire group of up to 432,000 condoms doesn't leave the manufacturing plant.

Presently, and in addition, pushing the limits of item testing, we are additionally always undertaking examination ventures – searching for better approaches to enhance our items or spotting new patterns in sexual conduct that may prompt entire new item ranges.

This implies that we have gathered a goldmine of data that is routinely counselled by wellbeing services, clinics, researchers, scholastics and other sexual wellbeing bodies.

So, there you have it; the best procedures, making the best items, upheld by the sharpest considering.

Perhaps that is the reason a great many individuals over the world trust Durex consist



The London Rubber Company (LRC) registers the Durex brand.


Durex release its first lubricated condom


Durex is the first brand to develop and use electronic testing


Durex is the world's first condom brand to advertise in many countries


Durex is the first condom brand to adopt a Global "seal of quality" as standard


Durex introduces a range of coloured and flavoured condoms


Durex is the first condom brand to launch a website.
Now we have 42 different sites for the countries we market in.


Durex introduces non-latex condoms: The Avanti Range, which uses a new non-allergenic material - synthetic polyurethane developed by Durex that is softer and more elastic than natural rubber latex in.


Durex introduces Pleasuremax: The ultimate pleasure condom for both partners, making Durex the first condom brand to market a condom that combines ribbed and dotted textures with shape, to maximize stimulation for both partners. Durex dotted condoms are the best dotted condoms in India as well as the world. 


Durex turns 80!


Durex supported the Condomize! an initiative of The United Nations Populations Fund, at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna by donating 220,000 condoms.

Well, we had a look at both the Moods and Durex companies and we see that not much could be said about the comparison of their products. To be very honest Durex might have a slight edge over Moods in terms that Durex is an international brand and a much older brand. Products wise hardly there could be any comparisons as both have great quality and highest standards. Durex products may be slightly little expensive than Moods. The biggest advantage Durex has is being an international brand its products have huge popularity all over the world.


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