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Your mood and desire for sex are often spoilt just because when you're trying and frustrated to choose the ideal condoms for you both. Well, this is a dilemma that every couple faces today and this is quite understandable. But not anymore! Here are the ideal condoms for smooth and pain-free sex.

Do you know that extra-lubricated condoms are ideal for smooth sex? Because these condoms are very popular and loaded with 40% more lubrication than that of normal condoms which give the maximum comfort and enhances pleasure during sex. The highlights for these types of condoms are snug fit, the reservoir at the tip and natural rubber latex which accord maximum protection and sensitivity. Each and every condom is lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant which provides one an additional comfort level.

Extra lubricated condoms contain at least double the amount of personal lubricant compared to normal condoms. These condoms features will double your sexual pleasure for sure with added safety & sensitivity and offer a smooth gliding skin to skin experience. The special material gives you truly a skin-to-skin sensation and stimulation that you can get from this indescribable. These condoms are just closest to wearing nothing. Check out our picks for best condoms of this sort in India.

1. Skore Blues Condoms - Coloured and Extra Lubrication Condoms
2. Skore Raised Dots and Extra Lubrication Condoms
3. Skore Cool Condoms - Cooling Lubricant and Mint Flavoured
4. Kamasutra wet & wild condom
5. Moods Aloe condoms

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Modified on 07 Jul, 2020

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