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Flavored condoms - skore vs moods

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Flavored condoms - skore vs moods

We will first look at the Skore and Moods Condoms manufacturers companies.


Consider the 60's, not completely the time when individuals examined contraception or masses. That is when TTK Protective Devices Limited (once in the past TTK – LIG) made its way and renamed the Indian point of view. TTK PDL, the pioneers of the condom assembling and showcasing in the nation is in condom business since 1950s and has started unmistakable hops forward in the business. From setting up India's first condom storing up plant in 1963 to introducing the nation's first electronic testing office; and from displaying India's first non-bolstered condom in 1974 to driving condom mixtures and delight upgrading improvements.

Skore is TTK's trophy thing and a condom stamp that is rapidly persuading the chance to be standard with couples crosswise over India. Skore is a restoring, cleaned and cool brand that fits in with the progressing socio-social sample in the nation and with the developing care on safe relationship among the youthful. It gloats of an exceptionally enabling and in vogue accomplish encapsulating shaded, enhanced, spotted and peak deferral condoms. To the pre-grown-up, Skore, with an empowering degree of things, makes the showing of safe sex suitably possible, and also effortlessly lovely as well. 

TTK Protective Devices Limited now has a state of restriction of around two billion condoms for consistently. With charges of more than one billion condoms really a long time to unmistakable nations including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, Mexico, South Africa and Brazil, TTK Protective Devices Limited is one of the best makers of condoms in the World. Moreover, it won two or three regards in the process as well - JIPM's Award for TPM Excellence, CII's Award for the Excellent Water convincing Unit, National Award for Leadership Excellence in Safety Health and Environment, Best Exporters Award from CAPEXIL to give some case.

About the TTK Group

TTK & Co was set up in 1928 by Mr. TT Krishnamachari and boasts of a noteworthy and exciting brand wagon. While the company started as an indenting agency for household brands Woodward's Gripe Water, Cadbury's Chocolates, Ovaltine, Pond's, Kellogg's, Waterman's, Schaeffer's, Beecham's & Brylcream range, the TTK group has grown to what it is today with path-breaking marketing ideas. By 1940, it had achieved more than a decade of tremendous growth and began offering a new breed of products including Pressure Cookers & Condoms. 

About Moods

The premium lead brand of HLL Lifecare Limited, Moods Condoms is created at HLL lifecare's best in class assembling plant. Intended to fulfil special needs, they are accessible in an extensive variety of variations. States of mind are for those times when you don't simply express your craving, however, demonstrate that your mind by giving happiness that is genuinely fulfilling. States of mind as a brand is about sexual certainty acquiring an energizing closeness with your accomplice. It goes about as an impetus to fortify connections between couples.

HLL Lifecare Limited, the pioneer in the field of contraceptives and medicinal services items in India, is one of the world's biggest condom producers today. The office has the ability to deliver 1.5 billion condoms yearly. Utilizing the finest innovation and a very qualified and experienced pool of human asset, Moods is without a doubt the best in its class.

 Moods Accreditations

CE Certified, SABS Approved, NF, ISO  9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, TUV NORD ISO 14001, TUV NORD OHSAS 18001, NABL, WHO GMP.

Skore flavoured condoms in India

Different varieties of flavoured Skore condoms for men - Cherry, Banana, Orange, Ice-mint, Strawberry, Chocolate condoms.



Banana Flavored, Colored & Dotted condoms online. Make your lovemaking extra extraordinary. Skore's Banana Flavored condoms incorporate just the proper measure of sweetness to a devilish night. Moreover, for that extra punch, it goes with a touched sythesis and cool shades. Skore Banana Flavored, Dotted & Coloured.Fruity Favorite

Score as you play the session of friendship with Skore Condoms. Your lovemaking ends up being more outstanding with its fruity Banana flavour. To add to your pleasure you have specked organization and cool tints. 


Chocolate Flavored, Dotted & Colored. No one can contradict a delectable chocolate charity, especially in case it's a Skore Chocolate Flavored condom. Its specked creation and cool shades incorporate the perfect sign of sweetness to a wild night. Score as you play the round of love with Skore Condoms. The luscious chocolate flavor and shading entice and enhance the excitemant. Also, its spotted surface passes on more conspicuous sensation to your lovemaking. 


Orange Flavored, Dotted & Colored. Feeling somewhat flirty? Endeavor Skore's Orange upgraded condoms. They add that extra spirit to a fun, fiendish night. Besides, for included happiness, it goes with a spotted creation and cool shades. A marvelous better way to deal with score in bed is here-Skore Condoms. Its Juicy Orange flavor and shading add a cool touch to your lovemaking. While spotted surface redesigns your pleasure.



Strawberry Flavored, Dotted & Colored. Strawberries are a conclusive Spanish fly. More along these lines, if they come as Skore's Strawberry Flavored condoms. Additionally, for a far superior difficulty, it goes with a spotted structure and cool shades. Its easy to score with Skore Condoms. Sweet strawberry passes on new taste to your lovemaking with its flavor and shading. Specked sythesis ventures up your intensity like never before. 



Scoring IS Now Tingling, Cooling and Minty. The freezing new condom goes with a remarkable Cooling oil which is secured on both sides of the condom to give a Tingling Sensation to both of you. The condom is Mint Flavored and transmits a fresh Mint Fragrance which goes about as a Mood enhancer. It is like manner has a Natural Climax delay* that is sure to empower both of you. To add to the intensity, the frosty cool condom goes with a Dotted Texture for elevated enjoyment. Scoring is at present shuddering, cooling and minty with Skore Cool. The sub-zero new condom goes with one of a kind Cooling oil which is secured on both sides of the condom to give a Tingling Sensation to both of you. The condom is Mint Flavored and transmits another Mint Fragrance which goes about as a Mood enhancer. It is like manner has a Natural Climax delay* that is sure to empower both of you. To add to the vitality, the chilly cool condom goes with a Dotted Texture for expanded delight. Cant it get more Awesome? Put it all hanging in the balance. If you want to extend the climax without the limit, then buy delay lube.

Go through this variety and buy condoms in India that suits your mood and skore all the way.




Moods Strawberry Get Fruity Surprise your senses with Moods Strwaberry flavored condoms. Equip yourselves with a variety of fruity flavors and let's goto the next level.



Dark, rich and creamy chocolates are in my dreams and fantasies.



Moods Melange Drives you nuts over and over ....  Celeberate the power of choice with butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry with specially moulded dots that promise to drive you nuts over and over.



Moods Cool Your Passion's Chill Pill. Discover the coolest way to make love with Moods Cool. The coolest of its kind from Moods. This is all set to intensify the pleasure of lovemaking.




Making two big brands face off is always a tough ask. Moods and Skore are two brands which are not just immensely popular but they come from the stables of two giant companies HLL Lifecare and TTK. Moods is definitely an older brand compared to SKORE.

We will look at the different flavored condoms of Moods and Skore.

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