Side effects of condoms

Side effects of condoms

Condoms are one of the main methods to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by restricting a man's semen into the women’s genital. It is made of latex or polyurethane. It is available at an affordable price and comes with different sizes, styles, colours and flavours. Latex condoms contain both lubricated and unlubricated varieties. Condoms with lubrication help to be highly effective to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infection. If you feel uncomfortable using a condom with lubricant, then you can buy lubes in India separately and use it with condoms. But there are some side effects of using condoms.

Chances of getting pregnant:

Though Condoms are effectively used to prevent birth control, there is always the risk of unplanned pregnancy when it is not used properly. Surveying reported that about fifteen of every one hundred women who did not wear it properly resulting in pregnancy. However, two of every hundred women became pregnant even when their partners used it properly. It is not good to be used with an oil-based lubricant because it tends to damage and rupture the condoms during sexual intercourse and don't use outdated condoms.

Ineffective for a few infections

 However, condoms are a safer form of protection such as HIV and some other diseases. But they tend to give some skin-related diseases such as scabies, moll scum contagiosum. Certain condoms like Lambskin condoms are designed with some pores and they are tentatively large enough reason for HIV to be transmitted your sexual partner.

Risk of Latex Allergy

All condoms are built-in rubber latex that leads to an allergic response to the protein inside the rubber resulting in a runny nose, itching, sneezing, wheezing and dizziness. Among one of every one hundred people have a latex allergy. It is to be suggested for sensitive skin may use synthetic rubber condom. Who are allergic to latex condoms, just try to use non-latex condoms an buy best condoms online in India. Non-latex condoms are made of Poly-isoprene. These condoms are prevented from latex allergy.

Inconsistency in erection and affecting pleasure

Few people are unable to maintain an erection after Wearing condoms. Condoms may be uncomfortable to use and some men are awkward about using it. It reduces female stimulation with respect to clitoris organ and leads to less sexual pleasure as it causes friction.

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