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Do condoms have a dull sensation?

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Do condoms have a dull sensation?

Few couples believe that condoms are capable of decreasing sexual pleasure and eventually decreasing the man's libido. Well, it is a mixed answer. Read the full blog to know the fact about this.

There is no proven fact completely saying that condoms decrease sexual pleasure and eventually decrease the man's libido. A very few men had erection issues when using a condom. But that's only a very few men. However, other men who are sexually experienced said that condoms slightly decrease sexual pleasure and but not entirely though. That slightly decrease in the sensation helped them to last longer in bed and they were able to satisfy the sexual needs. And they also said that the loss of sensations can be increased by usage of lubricants.

Many couples came forward and reported that they could have better sexual experience when they use a condom. And they pointed out that the reason for this is because they could concentrate more on sexual pleasure without being worried about the unintended pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

For the couples who still feel that condoms have dull sensations, there are ways to increase sexual pleasure even when condoms are worn. These couples can  get it at online condom shopping in India and those condoms are designed to have special attributes such as Ultra-thin condoms, Ribbed or Dotted condoms. These types of condoms are solely manufactured to increase sexual pleasure despite wearing a condom during intercourse. The sexual pleasure can be increased even further by using a drop or two of lubricants on both the sides of the condoms. But too much of lubricants on the condom will make it slip off. And oil-based lubricant must not be used with latex condoms as it will deteriorate the condom and eventually making it break during intercourse. To avoid this, buy personal lubes online that are condom compatible.

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Modified on 24 Jun, 2020

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