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Skore Orange Flavoured and Coloured Condoms - 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

Skore Orange Flavoured and Coloured Condoms - 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

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Feeling a little flirty? Buy Skore Orange condoms online at Shycart - An Orange Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured. They add that extra zest to a fun, naughty night with their sexy Orange characteristics. If orange is your favourite fruit, then this will be the favourite condom of yours. And for added pleasure, it comes as dotted condoms which will drive your woman crazy with their raised dots. So, go ahead and buy Skore Orange condoms online and juice up the night.

Skore Orange Flavoured Condoms

The traditional sexual desire doesn't have to end the spell of your intimate life - there are ways you can to enhance a flagging eroticism. Citrus fruits, especially oranges, have an ability which can aid in improving your act of lovemaking. Essentially for libido, this increases blood flow. Find yourself a little titillated? Try Skore Orange flavoured condoms. They add that extra zest to your special night. And for more amusement, Skore condoms give us a dotted texture and enticing colours.

Do your girl love fruits and crave for some tangy taste? Then you must try this Orange flavoured condom from skore that slimes of orange all over it. Be it the smell or be it taste. It would make you go nuts on special occasions. Buy Skore condoms online with absolute privacy and give your partner's taste buds a tangy, tasty Orange condom. Also, surprise her with the raised dots in this orange flavoured and dotted condom that’ll help you both have maximum pleasure.

Adapting to a flavoured condom helps you get the flavour and taste (usually fruity), lasts long unlike other brands. These Orange Flavoured condoms are mainly fabricated for Oral Sex. You should use this if you're up for having some real nice oral sex with your beloved partner. Skore flavoured condoms are made with best quality latex and are dermatologically tested. These orange flavoured are safe for use and are available in a pack of 10 condoms.

Skore Orange flavoured condoms specifications:-

Brand                              : Skore 

Ideal                               : For Men

Package Content        : A Pack of 10

Quantity                       : 10 Condoms

Flavour                         : Orange

Type                             : Latex

What is the purpose of flavoured condoms?

Skore Orange flavoured condoms are coated with "edible" flavors and can be used for oral sex as you wish. Your partner is completely protected from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and since they are edible (only the coating on the latex, not the entire condom) it will give your partner's taste buds a luscious treat. Many people don't seem to enjoy the odour and flavour of the regular rubber latex condom. Therefore, flavoured condoms serve as the best mean to enjoy oral pleasures. Order Skore orange flavoured condoms online in India and have an amazing experience with your lady love.

What makes flavoured condoms different?

According to some surveys, many women don't like to offer male an oral sex due to body odours or if they use rubber latex condom, so nobody will enjoy raw rubber's odour. And to change the fate of couples who like oral sex but hindered by the above mentioned reason, the condom companies have come up with an excellent idea of embellishing the latex condom with luscious and delightful fruity flavour. So that, women will enjoy the taste throughout the process and so do the men!

Why should you buy Skore orange flavoured condoms online?

Buying condoms online is your best bet when you want a wide variety of condoms rather than just a fewer options. You can buy Skore orange flavoured condoms online with 100% privacy and concealed packaging. The product will be shipped across you in a discreet manner thereby protecting your privacy.

Skore orange flavoured condom's review:

Our customers are satisfied with the Skore orange flavoured condom and we sold more than 100 units provided it is top selling products. Almost everybody who got hands on this rated it with 5 stars. We're posting a few comments "Good service with high privacy.", "Natural flavour condom. Good experience." and "quick delivery."

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Skore Orange Flavoured and Coloured Condoms - 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack - Reviews

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Good service.
Good and discreet delivery
Very good packing and delivery ! About products: Durex is best. In flavour Manforce is best. Skore is not that good. Overall satisfied.
Amazing product -
Really nice product...It gives real orange feel...Awesome service I love it so much. Thanks you shycart.

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