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Can You Wear Cloth Pads While Swimming?

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Most women do not prefer to swim during their menstrual cycle. They have an urban legend-based fear that a pad in water will swell up, may fall out of your suit, and fill the pool with menstrual blood. They have a query: “can you wear a pad under a wetsuit? Can you swim on your period without a cloth pad?” The answer is yes, you can.

Can you swim on your period by using cloth pads?

shycart advises the customers to buy perfectly fine cloth pads when they go swimming. Follow the few tips that help to move everything smoothly.

1. Wear a cloth pad that will accommodate your flow

Water pressure may decrease your blood flow. Choose a comfortable cloth pad, provided it does not have wings. Because it shows that you wear a pad under a wetsuit. Stick the cloth pad on while your swimsuit is dry.

2. Precautions to hold your pad in place

Women can wear swim shorts to hold their cloth pad in place. It is safe to wear a product like shycart Cloth Pads. shycart cloth pad products are designed to be worn in water, keep your pad in place without shifting, even if the adhesive fails. Reusable Cloth pads prevent side leakage so that you will be safe both in and out of the water.

3. Frequently Change your Cloth Pads

You need to change your cloth pad more often than your normal days. Before getting into the water have your cloth pads clean. Have a comfortable swim. After swimming, change your pads once again. Because no one wants to sit on a wet pad until they reach home. Choose a dark-colored swimsuit as it can hide your leaks, in case of any.

Buy cloth pads online from shycart and feel free to swim on your period. Alternative for cloth pad is, buy tampons while swimming. You can also buy menstrual cups online for a leak-proof and reusable option. Just follow these few precautions, go out, and enjoy your day!

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Modified on 01 Aug, 2022

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