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Buy Tampons online India

Buy Tampons online in India at low price. Tampons online are available in both varieties applicator and non-applicator tampons. Tampons are designed to absorb the menstrual blood when inserted into vagina during menstrual cycle. It will women have care-free periods and eliminates the need for changing sanitary pads often as tampons online last up to 8 hours a day. Tampons, in general, take better care of women's period hygiene. Tampons are known as modern forms of menstrual protection. It is an adaptable period product as it is very easy and comfortable to use. Tampons solve all the period problems and let women have a care-free period day just like normal days. Tampons online in India can give 8 hours of protection with 0% staining. Tampons can also help to get rid of bad odour. Unlike sanitary pads, a woman won't feel the constant flow of blood and her underwear will have not any kind of menstrual stains. With tampons, a woman can take part in all kinds of physical activities. Buy Tampons online in India to dance, swim, skip, jump.

Tampons online are available in two variations - Regular and Super. Regular tampons are best suited for light and moderate flow days. Super tampon is highly recommended when women have heavy menstrual flow. Shycart also showcases some exciting combos of tampons online in India which will save money compared to single packs.

Benefits of Tampons online:

  • High absorption capacity
  • Very Comfortable to use
  • Better Hygiene compared to Sanitary padsv
  • Allows women to take part in physical activities
  • Easy to carry around as it fits in the purse
  • No Stains
  • No wetting sensation
  • Reduces the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • Safe for Overnight

How to insert a Tampon

Before inserting, it is advised to wash the hands thoroughly Pull out the tear strip Relax in a comfortable position. Either Sit or Stand whichever is convenient Now push the tampon gently into vagina until the end string.

Tip: If it doesn't hurt or cause any discomfort, then it is inserted correctly.

Buy Tampons online in India which are high quality and highly absorbent tampons. Tampons, in general, allows full freedom of movement even while a woman is on her heavy flow days. Tampons online are made of cotton and rayon mixture. It is a soft, cylindrical and slender shape that facilitates stress-free and comfortable insertion. Also, tampons will give maximum protection to underwear without leaving menstrual stains. Tampons online in India are free from harmful chemicals like chlorine as all our tampons are non-chlorine bleached tampons.

What is Tampons price in India?

The tampons price in India at shycart starts from Rs.230 for 2 packs of tampons with each pack accomodating 10 tampons. Buy Tampons online India at low price.

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