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7 advantage of eco-femme pads

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7 advantage of eco-femme pads

Eco-femme pads are modern washable cloth pads, an alternative to disposable pads used to manage menstruation. Through the ages, women had used stuffs like cloth, cotton or sponge for menstrual protection and this process is still continuing in many rural areas. However those stuffs could leak, be uncomfortable and strain your dresses and add it may not be suitable for today’s lifestyle to women in cities as well as urban areas. To overcome this, Ecofemme pads are designed creatively and it is made of Natural material and keeps them healthy. Here are the advantages of eco-femme pads listed below.



It is reusable as it is made from biodegradable cotton and free-germicide in the account to keep your body hygienic, whereas disposable pads cannot re-use. It can be used up to seventy washes when you handle it properly. It develops less overall waste compared with Disposable pads.


It is available at the affordable cost comparatively less than Menstrual cup and tampons. Many women are switching from disposable pads to washable pads from across the world. A survey states that a woman uses four or five pads per day, for five days that is equal to twenty disposable pads per cycle. For a year, women spend approximately equals to two hundred and forty pads. With Eco femme pads, you can save a lot of money comparatively with disposable pads.



It leads to healthier life and helps to avoid the risk of Toxic shock syndrome that has been associated with tampons. It doesn't impact with any side effects when you wash it properly.

Reduce allergies

It is greatly helpful by preventing from developing irritation problems such as allergies, rashes, soreness, itching etc. as it is made from low impact dyes. It is highly effective to women who had sensitive skin issues.

Breathable and Protection

It is very smooth, comfortable and breathable product as they allow natural airflow and add to it, it comes with a leak-proof layer. It provides extra security and doesn't leak or strain on dresses.

Easy to use

Like any other disposable pads, it is easy to use and convenient. It need not require any practice to use like tampons and the menstrual cup. It can be washed by hand or washing machine.

Reduces stress

Every woman feels annoyed and frustrated by using or seeing their pads during periods. Perhaps eco femme pads come in different colours and prints that make you feel pleasant and helps you to relax.


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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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