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Types of Skore Condoms in India

Skore Flavoured Condoms


  • Interesting range of colours
  • Lubricated
  • Raised dots
  • Made with the finest latex
  • Dotted texture

Flavours take your lovemaking to a whole new dimension. Let yourself loose and indulge in the exotic flavours of unbounded lust! Flavoured condoms give a flavour to your excitement. The art of lovemaking has undergone major transformations over the year, and so did the condom! Nowadays you get to go and buy skore condoms that taste and smell like Apple, Aloe, Banana, Butterscotch, Cherry, Chocolate, Cola, Grape, Jasmine, Orange, Pineapple, Pineacoloda, Strawberry and Vanilla to name a few. There are high chances that you have already used all the traditional standard condoms. How about we add some flavour to it? You never know, it might revolutionize your special moments by adding more excitement and a greater sense of fulfilment. They undoubtedly make your experience even more vibrant and desirable.

The condom industry has been consistently reinventing themselves to make your special moments more pleasurable. Flavoured condoms are brought to you in colours that complement the flavours. For instance, the strawberry flavoured condom is red in colour, whereas banana flavoured condom is yellow.
So if you are on the lookout for some tasty treat then flavoured condoms are for the best for you!

Skore Long Lasting Condoms

Let the fun and games never end. Skore long lasting condoms are made from the finest natural rubber latex and it contains extra climax delay lubricants. It’s specially formulated lubricant delays climax for men and keeps you going on and on. Long Lasting condoms have been for long regarded as a male pleasure device but Skore vibrantly disrupts this notion. Typically, this product promises extended love-making sessions. “Long lasting condoms does not see a sexual encounter as an end in itself. Instead, it sees one as a beginning”.

Skore Skin Thin Condoms


  • Skin thin- thinnest condom today
  • Free disposable pouches available


Skore takes the thin range to a whole new level, introducing the thinnest condoms in its class. Indulge in a feeling of nothingness between you and your partner and experience every single moment for real during lovemaking. It’s like wearing nothing at all.

Skore Cool Condoms

Skore is now tingling, cooling and minty with Skore Cool. This icy new condom comes with a special Cooling lubricant which is coated on both sides of the condom to give a Tingling Sensation to both of you. The condoms come in Mint Flavors as well and exude a fresh Mint Fragrance which is a Mood enhancer. It also has a Natural Climax delay that is created to excite both of you. To add to the excitement, the icy cool condom comes with a Dotted Texture for heightened pleasure. It can never get more interesting than this? So what are you waiting for?

Skore Zig Zag Condoms

The Skore ZigZag Condom with its revolutionary ribbed and dotted surface, in a clear-cut ZigZag pattern, instigates the pleasure and also crests your playmate's love sensory organs a sensational experience. Since they're also anatomically shaped this helps you to have a flawless & comfortable fit. Step up your game and explore your footsteps to the horizon of ecstasy and the euphoric world. And more! It comes with an easy-to-use disposal pouch for after use.

Skore Coloured Condoms

In our colourful sortiment, you will be able to find your favourite colour. You can choose from the wide range of Colours to suit your mood Black, pink, glowing? No hassles, we got them all. Name it and we have it!
We have gathered some of our bestselling and most sought for Skore Coloured condoms. There are times when you or your partner would like to add a little something different. Why not add a little colour? Our Skore Colored Condoms Section has brought together some of our bestselling and most sought out for Skore Coloured condoms all on one click so you can see them all and take your time deciding which ones would be best for you. Who knows? You might choose several and surprise your partner with unparalleled excitement with Skores’ different shades of condoms! You also get assorted coloured condoms, where you get multiple colours on a single condom. Now, go all out, choose the colour that impresses you and begins your most exciting journey on a colourful note.

Skore Extra pleasure Condoms

From ribbed and dotted to flavored, extra thin, and extended pleasure, discover the most skillfully designed range of condoms that will boost your sexual experience. Skore’s extra pleasure condoms, in particular, contain the special climax-control lubricant, benzocaine that helps one last longer while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a regular condom. Extended pleasure condoms assist men to prolong sexual intercourse by delaying the ejaculation. These condoms are the most popular amongst both men who appear to have a problem with premature ejaculation and with those who just wish to make intercourse last longer. Extended pleasure condoms delay the ejaculation by chemically numbing the sensitivity. Skore doesn't just meet worldwide condom standards; but exceeds them, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have. If used appropriately, Skore condoms can help reduce the risk of transmission of many sexual transmitted infections as well.

Skore Mixed Condoms

So what is your flavour? Is it fruity or chocolate? Skore comes in different lip smacking flavours and is designed to add a new dimension of excitement to your carnal activities. Add the moulded dots to the flavours and now you have the recipe for a blockbuster night of coitus! Skore mixed condoms is a mix of flavours added to make it more fun. It also comes with specially moulded dots to steam up lovemaking by increasing stimulation.
This Assorted pack of 16 Skore Condoms contains the following:
1. Ultra-Thin Condoms
2. Dotted Condoms
3. All Night Condoms
4. Ribbed Condoms
5. Coloured Condoms
6. Chocolate Condoms
7. Scented Condoms
8. Fruit Flavored Condom

Skore Dotted Condoms

Skore is not only quickly becoming popular with couples across India but is also refreshingly stylish and fits in with the changing socio-cultural trend in the country. It brings to you a very exciting and trendy range of dotted condoms. Skore dotted condom comes with dots like Skore raised dots, Shades & Coloured dotted, Zig Zag dotted with different flavours like Strawberry and Banana to name a few. To the youth, Skore comes with an exciting range of products to break the monotony of seeing just one pattern offers extensive variety that makes the practice of safe sex not just easily doable, but easily enjoyable too. Skore has introduced Dotted condoms in varied hues and flavours.

Skore Ribbed Condoms

Skore Ribbed condoms have a surface texture that comprises of small raised ridges that run around the circumference of the condom. Some have deep undulating ribs while others have a narrower ribbing effect. They work by increasing the friction for the wearer and thereby help to intensify the sensation around the penis, but it doesn't stop there - the added texture of ribbed condoms also provides your partner with extra stimulation and a variety of feeling that you simply don't get with un-textured alternatives. The sensitive region in the female plays an important role in creating sensation during intercourse which makes the moment a sensational one because of the round ridges placed in the condoms wall. Skore Ribbed Condoms increases stimulation and in turn makes ones’moment more pleasurable.

Skore Dotted and Ribbed Condoms

As the name proposes, definitely unlike the normal condoms, the Skore's ribbed condoms have ridges and lines, which are barely protracted and lifted to offer additional joy. Ribbed condoms are specially designed condoms that come with raised ridges to provide extra sensations to both and offer differing textures to transform the intensity of the moment. It tends to naturally make the moment naughtier. So when you are bored of monotonously trying the normal condoms, then it’s time to switch to the Skore ribbed and dotted condom. This comes with ribbed texture all through the outer surface of a ribbed condom, which will not only provide friction and induce more pleasure but will also multiply the amount of stimulation that a woman would experience during intercourse.

Skore Dotted and ribbed condoms not only creates extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the partner thereby evoking a deeper sexual response from both but also takes one through a more adventurous journey. The dots tend to create extra pressure on the nerve endings present on the walls. Also we can feel some slight roughness the dots create throughout. The Skore Ribbed and Dotted condoms have not only ribs but dots as well which offer a stimulating texture that gives an interesting intensity to both the individuals.

Skore Time Less Condoms


  • Climax delay condom
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Specially lubricated condom
  • Ribbed & dotted condom in the zig-zag pattern
  • Free disposable pouch


Skore comes to you with the latest range of timeless condom that stays true to its name giving your sexual experience truly “timeless” and it has special lubricant to the delayed climax & unique ribs and dot pattern, you cannot let this one go!





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