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Top ten long lasting condoms

When your goal is to last longer in bed, using a long-lasting gel such as Manforce Prolong gel would be a good idea. But, when you combine it with a condom which also helps you last longer, then it is going to be the pleasurable all-nighter. Can it be made more interesting! Well, yes is the answer.

Normally, the extra time condoms are nothing but a normal condom, which is plain in texture, with some benzene content. How do you make it more interesting? By adding a few tested and proven features that give you and your partner the pleasure of a lifetime in one night. What are those? Well, it would be the design of a condom – how it is shaped, how comfortable it is to be worn? What are the special features of it – the textures – dotted or ribbed or dotted and ribbed, the lubrication used – the quantity and the quality of the lubrication used etc. Based on the above features and by the feedback we have received from our customer, we’ll list you the best long lasting condom that you can buy long lasting condoms online in India. Apart from condoms, if you want to try something new check out the climax delay spray for men.

So, here are the list of top ten condoms:

1. Durex Extra Time Condoms

The Extended Pleasure condoms from Durex is one of the best selling long-lasting condom available online. While they are very plain, straight walled and doesn’t have any texture, the quality of the climax delaying lubrication used in the condoms makes the user do wonders and makes them loyal to the Durex Extended Pleasure. So, despite without any new features, it is the best selling extra time condom and it is no wonder at all.             


2. Skore Champion Time Less

The Time less condoms from the Skore’s Champion series is ranked number because of the multiple unique features it has. While Skore Condoms always has been the trendsetter in the world of condoms, this is a pinnacle of their creations. This climax delay condom has a unique Zig Zag pattern on the outside, compressed of dotted and ribbed texture, this condom is sure to drive your woman wild. The anatomical shape of this Skore condom will make you feel comfortable even when you are using it for a longer duration. Finally, this condom packs a first of its kind disposable pouch, which will make it very easy for the condom to be disposed of after you lovemaking session – or perhaps sessions.


3. Kohinoor Xtra Time

This long-lasting condom from Kohinoor has its own fan base. Although they don't have any special feature, as per the feedback we have received from its users, once you use it, these Kohinoor Xtra Time condoms have their own way of attracting people to it.

4. Manforce Staylong Orange

When all other condom manufacturers are dominating in the long-lasting condoms area, the country’s largest selling condom manufacturer goes with a unique combination of their own. Flavoured extra time condoms. Not just flavoured, but also with dotted texture to make the combination more interesting. So, if you are someone who prefers an aroma in the room, along with the heat and all night passion, you should buy this orange flavoured extra time condoms from Manforce condoms.


5. Playgard More time Super Dotted Chocolate and Strawberry Condoms

If orange isn’t your thing, but chocolate is, then this chocolate flavoured extra time condoms is the one for you. Made with good quality climax delay lubrication and top of the class latex, this flavoured long lasting condom from Playgard will never disappoint you!

Now that you know what is the best climax delay condom, it is a time that you choose your favourite. While your favourite climax delay condom may not be available in stores, it is always available with your Private Shopping Companion shycart! What’s more? All the condoms can be delivered to you at 100% privacy and swiftly as well!


6. Skore Cool Condoms

This mint flavoured condoms are one of the unique condoms available online in India. Why? They have one of the unique flavours – Mint and unlike other condoms, they have a natural climax delay content is also quite unique. To make the nights more pleasurable, they have 1500+ dots! With the strategically placed dotted texture, makes you do wonders while oozing sensual mint flavour all over.



7. Moods Silver Electrify

When Moods introduced their Silver series of it was clear that it was going to be a top of line premium condoms. The Silver Electrify proved that. With the 5% Benzocaine content which is the same amount as that of the Durex Extended Pleasure and along with their dotted and ribbed texture, this climax delay condom has secured their place tight in the hearts and uh. well, let's just stick with heart, of everyone! If you have not tried it yet, then it's time. Go and buy your climax delay condom online from shycart at 100% privacy.


8. KamaSutra Long Last condoms

The Pleasure series from KamaSutra has always been one of the preferred condom series of all. And the KamaSutra condoms are no different. Just like the Skore Champion Time Less condoms, these condoms are both dotted and ribbed textured. They are also anatomically shaped which will ensure that you don't feel any discomfort during your long sessions. This climax delay condoms from KamaSutra is definitely one to go for.



9. Invigra Extra Time Condoms - Max Pleasure Condoms

The extra time condoms are internationally renowned for the best quality condoms they provide. With Invigra condoms introducing the Hi-Performance condoms to India, it is a bonanza for lovers who prefer premium condoms. The Hi-Performance condoms are manufactured with the unique latex material skin thin Feel, making them be thinnest ever possible. It helps men to longer in the bed.



10. KamaSutra Skyn Original

There are two types of condoms available in India. One is KamaSutra SKYN Extra Lube and the other is SKYN Original condoms. As the name suggests, the SKYN Extra Lube condoms consist of 40% extra climax delay lubrication. While the SKYN Extra Lube condom has an extra 40% climax delay lubrication, the SKYN Original condom has the normal amount which should be sufficient for a normal person.

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best condom
I bought Durex extra time condom. Amazing product... Really enjoyed with my partner...
about 6 months ago
Good information
Good information
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