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Moods All Night Climax Delay Condoms - 12s Pack

Moods All Night Climax Delay Condoms - 12s Pack

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Moods all night condoms are perfect for couples who really want to impress female partner by prolonging their sex sessions. Moods all night delay condoms are the best condoms which ladies search for more excitement, satisfaction and pleasure with all night condom. This is known for creating excitement, fulfillment, high pleasure, fun and enjoyment in the lovemaking. To get ready for a night full of action, time seems to stop with these good night condoms from Moods. These long lasting condoms are tested for quality and durability to provide you with protection all night long. Long-lasting Performance with these Pre-lubricated condoms specially formulated stimulant. Moods allnight will help you ensure a satisfying happy ending for both of you and your partner.

Buy Moods all night condoms Online in India

Moods all night condoms for Extra time are made of good quality. It helps to have exciting sensation and safe sex. Moods condoms are made by using recent techniques. Unsafe sex can lead to STDs like HIV, trichomoniasis, syphilis, Chlamydia and unnecessary pregnancy. So, it would be best if you can take preventive measures to stop you from getting infected by STDs by planning to use Moods all night climax delay condom. Moods all night condoms are electronically checked and have no side effects and quality of the extra moods condoms. Moods all night condom comes in two different packs such as a pack of 12s and 20s. It is available in the various packs on shycart. Higher quality of latex is used in manufacturing Moods all night condom for extra time.

Moods All night condoms not only help you delay the ejaculation but also it surprises you with a dotted texture. The dotted texture on the outer surface of the Moods All night condoms is to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of sex. The dots on the Moods All night condoms are capable of increasing the sexual pleasure for your playmate in bed to go on and on and on. These dots will effortlessly reach out to the inaccessible erogenous spots inside her genital and tickle those spots, which in turn, flicker her stimulation. So those who are experiencing the premature ejaculation, Moods All night condom comes in rescue and helps you impress your better half with a breath-taking performance in bed. 

Moods All Night Details - Product Information

Description Straight walled, extra time condom
Ideal For Men
Brand Moods
Material Natural rubber latex
Type Extra Time Condoms
Color Transparent
Flavour None
Lubricated Yes, 5% benzocaine.
Shape Straight Walled
Condom Size  
Length 180 mm (Standard Size)
Nominal width 53 ± 2 mm
Tested against breakage Yes, 5 times electronically tested.
Condom Pack Size 12 condoms
All night Condom Price Rs.100
Usage For single use only

Moods All Night Condom - Audio

Audio Description for Moods All Night Condom.

Features of Moods all night condoms

  • 5 times tested for reliable quality and durability.
  • These moods all night delay - latex condoms will make your intimate moments more enjoyable and protected.
  • All night moods condoms are dermatologically and electronically tested. These condoms are pre-lubricated (benzocaine lubricants) with a specially formulated stimulant that will helps men to delay the climax.
  • Moods extra long to enhance the sexual pleasure for both you & your partner.

How to use Moods Condoms?

Moods condoms should be the used the same way, the other condoms are used. Never tear the condoms packet using teeth. Put on the condom only when the male genital is fully erect.

Moods all night size

Moods all night condom size is standard size, which is 180mm length and 53 mm width.

Cost of Moods all night condoms

Moods all night condom price is Rs.100 for a pack of 12s and Rs.400 for a pack of 4 12s pack.

Extra time condoms side effects

Extra time condoms are absolutely safe to use. No side effects! All night condoms are made with high-grade material and it is dermatologically tested.

What is the shape and material of moods all night condoms?

Moods all night condoms are straight-walled extra time condoms and made of natural rubber latex.

Can moods all night climax delay condoms be reused?

Moods all night climax delay condoms cannot be reused. Condoms are for single use only. When not used properly as per the instructions, any condoms cannot assure protection against STDs.

Are these condoms lubricated?

Yes, moods all night climax delay condoms are lubricated with a special climax delay lubricant - Benzocaine or Lidocaine. Climax delay lubricants help to stay longer in bed for more enhanced pleasure.

Are moods all night condoms safe to use?

Condoms are tested during every step of the manufacturing process to find any safety and defect issues. These latex condoms are tested for quality and durability to provide you with protection all night long. Moods all night condoms are electronically and clinically tested against breakage and any side effects.

Can moods condoms be used along with other lubricants?

Moods condoms are already pre-lubricated but depending on personal choice more lubricant can be added.

Are moods condoms easy to use and comfortable?

Moods condoms come with an insert inside the packet which has instructions and more details. Created in-line with Moods superior standards, you can be assured of a comfortable fit and a product of the best quality.

Why should one use moods condoms?

Moods has been awarded the international quality certification as moods condoms are manufactured in compliance with international standards. Each condom goes through exhaustive quality and safety assurance during the manufacturing process.

What are the other variants of moods condoms?

Moods condoms are available in a range of exciting variants. Moods condoms have about 20 types of variants, namely ultrathin, dotted, various flavours, scented, glow, Absolute Xtasy, extra long, coloured and skin condoms.

Moods All Night Condom - Infographic:-

Overview of Moods all night condoms

Moods Allnight Condom - Video

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Moods All Night Climax Delay Condoms - 12s Pack - Reviews

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Privacy is as promised. Liked it.
Excellent service from shycart.
great buying experience from ordering till delivery of the package

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