Condoms that Make You Last Longer

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Condoms that Make You Last Longer

Enhance the intimacy of your special moments with the time delay condoms. These condoms contain a special climax-control lubricant, benzocaine, that helps one last longer while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a regular condom. These special condoms don't just meet worldwide condom standards, it exceeds them, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have. So don't forget to buy condoms in India. If used appropriately, these condoms can help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV (aids) and many other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, no method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STDs. Dermatologically tested. For optimal security, it is always advised that the product should be placed in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Also, there are sprays known as long time sex spray which can do exactly the same.

Some longlasting condoms are lined with ribs and dots that add extra pleasure and sensation for one during sex by increasing clitoral and vaginal stimulation. When you buy delay lubricant, it will undoubtedly help to keep you lasting much longer compared to long lasting condoms. The condom contains climax control lubricant on the inside that contains Benzocaine (4.5%) simply enhances a man’s staying power by reducing sensitivity. This is to bring about a mutual climax. Because generally, women take longer than men to orgasm, this speeds up her orgasm and slows down the man’s, then they’re much more likely to climax together.

One of the things that make sex incredible is the variety and not all condoms are created equally. Instead of using the same condom always, mix things up a bit.

A long-last pleasure pack is perfect. The pleasure pack contains various condoms that are lubricated and come with an Intense Sensation, Extra Sensitive and Tropical Flavored. By experimenting with different condoms you can then determine what is best for you and your partner.

The motto of the extended time condom is ‘Last as long as you like.’ If stamina is your goal, then look no further as this condom’s goal is to extend your pleasure all night long.

Some Extended Pleasure condoms use Benzocaine (4 -5%) to reduce sensation. And although this is a lower concentration than say the Durex Performax, the condom is thicker which also serves to delay orgasm. These condoms are definitely of superior quality and will boost your stamina as well as boost your partner’s pleasure.

The ultra-studded condoms are to intensify any woman’s sensation. The condoms studs are usually even larger than the traditional studded condoms. Plus, the UltraGlide lubricant that is to ensure that she doesn’t dry out. Make sure you buy lubes to avoid vaginal dryness. 

If you’re interested in variety packs like the previously mentioned Durex one, then you should consider the Kamasutra Passion Pack.

Kamasutras’ unique, comfortable, stretchable latex and scientifically engineered condom shapes offer the safe ultra-sensual experience you’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking to try out a new brand of condoms, then you should check out Playgard More Time. This takes a more traditional approach to delay climax, as they are extra thick which reduces the sensation. They are also longer than average and contain a water-based lubricant which just adds to the overall experience of the condom.


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Modified on 07 Jul, 2020

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